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In Focus: Character Developments We Loved In Season Two of 'Riverdale'

In Focus: Character Developments We Loved In Season Two of 'Riverdale'



A series full of plot twists and crimes, Riverdale never fails to get us hooked withs every episode they release! With Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper becoming the Southside serpent King and Queen, Veronica buying Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe from her father, and Archie becoming the Student Body President of Riverdale High, the series’ second season definitely ended with a bang. After all, this is a Brand New World.

While there may have been problems that almost ruined the characters’ relationships, we saw how some of them grew into becoming the best version of themselves. Here we listed the characters whose development have made the series even more interesting!

1. Cheryl Blossom 

Cheryl Blossom has been depicted as the character who had the best development throughout the series. She started from being a vain and self-centered girl that would do anything she wants, including humiliating the other students since she likes being feared so much. But when her family's cruel acts came into the surface, she turned into this vulnerable yet fearless woman who would do anything for the people she cares about especially her girlfriend Toni Topaz who saved her from her mother’s abuse.

She might have become powerless at some point, but she stood up stronger than ever before—reclaiming her title as the girl you wouldn't want to mess with that even Black Hood couldn't stand against her!

2. Alice Cooper

It's no secret that Alice and her daughter Betty have a clashing relationship. Since the beginning, Alice has put up a front of having a perfect family with a perfect life which resulted of them mocking the other families in town. To continue this facade, she took her cheating husband Hal Cooper back.

It was when Alice almost lost everything that she showed us her fragile side which resulted in the revelation of her Southside past, the reason why she masked herself all this time. Honestly, the biggest character development might be us stanning Mama Cooper because we started from despising her for breaking her daughters' hearts to wanting to protect her at all costs!

3. FP Jones

FP Jones has always had a heart of gold, but it's no secret that he had difficulties in facing his responsibility as Jughead's father at the beginning of the series. With his alcoholism, association with a gang, and involvement with criminals, he broke his own family. After realizing how much Jughead needs him, FP started to change.

Although he's still a part of the Southside serpents, he kept things under control by making sure the peace between Southside and Northside remains. What we love most is how he has always been there for Jughead that he even worked at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe just to help with his school expenses. He’s finally evolved into the father figure that his son needs!

4. Jughead Jones

At the beginning of the series, Jughead always disclosed that he never felt like he's a Northsider. He has a different lifestyle and way of handling things. But without him Riverdale would have continued to be a town of hypocrites. We thought he was just a teenager with daddy issues and unresolved angst.

But when Jughead transferred to Southside High and became a part of the serpents, we saw a different Jughead, a better one, perhaps. He's still the same passionate writer that we all loved, but he grew into this person who would willingly shed blood just to protect his people.

5. Betty Cooper

Just like her mother, Betty has inherited the Coopers' perfectionist personality. She had always presented this perfect image, but she hates it when that's the only thing people see. And when she's not in control, she gets dark and manipulative which she suppresses by self-harming. Before the town's secrets came into the surface, Betty was this demure girl next door.

Throughout the series, we saw how she learned to stand up from her parents and became Riverdale's very own Nancy Drew by unlocking the mystery of Jason's death and figuring out who Black Hood is! 

6. Veronica Lodge
It was apparent in the beginning of the series that Veronica was having a hard time with her from being a rich kid from New York to being the newbie in Riverdale. Although the ‘mean girl’ side Veronica was trying to banish still pops up every now and then, we can see that she’s trying her best especially when she found out that her parents were keeping secrets from her.

She was almost a part of their criminal acts and even helped her mother run for Mayor for them to continue their plans. It was when she saw how many lives her parents have ruined that she realized that continuing this would not only make her guilty but ruin her own relationships as well. She had always wanted to prove to everyone that she has changed, and by the end of season two, she definitely did.


7. Archie Andrews
Archie Andrews is the classic “I don’t know what I want to do with my life” kind of teenager which might have been the reason why people didn’t like him in season one. He does what he wants without thinking about the consequences, and he’s too naïve for his own good.

It was when his father Fred Andrews was shot right in front of him when he started becoming selfless and wise that he even stood up against Hiram Lodge when he tried to break him and his father apart. We saw how Archie grew up from being dependent to his father to being his father’s protector, and we’re so proud of him because of that!


Have you watched Riverdale season two's final episode already? What are your thoughts? Let us know!


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