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In Focus: 'Changing Partners' Is The Most Relatable Musical To Catch This Weekend

In Focus: 'Changing Partners' Is The Most Relatable Musical To Catch This Weekend



by Joan Ko

With digital copies and online sources like Netflix and similar apps,  there are so many other options for millennials where they can get their entertainment that often theater isn't the top choice. That and less disposable income may be what's causing the absence of Filipino youth in the audience of some theater plays and productions in the country.

Long sequences of flamboyant singing may not be the most appealing to some, especially those with really short attention spans, but there will always be a new phenomenon that is more relevant than you may conceive them to be. Such is Changing Partners, a Palanca Award-winning musical by Vincent de Jesus, which came back on stage after the nationwide release of its award-winning film adaptation. If you're still not convinced about seeing the rerun, here are some of the reasons why this is the millennial musical you should definitely catch.

1. Every song has its hugot factor.

We are natural hopeless romantics so we always end up associating our heartaches and new romances with different anthems. The songs from the musical will definitely remind you of your almost lover, your current affair, or that summer fling that just didn't work because of so many factors...and a few bad choices. According to Vincent de Jesus in his earlier interviews, when he wrote the songs for the musical, they were meant to be "felt" than performed so don't be surprised if you suddenly start crying midway the most LSS-worthy number–it's completely understandable! 

2. It's brutally yet beautifully honest.


A post shared by Vincent A. DeJesus (@munkeymusic) on


A post shared by Vincent A. DeJesus (@munkeymusic) on

Not everyone has lived through a  relationship with someone  15 years older or younger like Alex and Chris (the two characters in the story,) but its main challenges are similar to those most people in a relationship experience. Every dialogue thrown settles and sends an arrow straight to the heart. The musical showcases the complexity of loving someone as old as your professor or your boss especially when six years later, your differences become more obvious and the issues that have lingered through the years then becomes too much to bear. It will trigger something in all of us mainly because this issue is too hard to dismiss, but even harder to accept.

3. It weaves the heterosexual and LGBT stories in the realest way possible.


A post shared by Vincent A. DeJesus (@munkeymusic) on


A post shared by Vincent A. DeJesus (@munkeymusic) on

The original cast, who also starred in Dan Villegas' film adaptation, will reprise their roles on-stage and we couldn't be happier! The collaboration between TV, film, and theater actors Agot Isidro and Jojit Lorenzo and indie actors on the rise Sandino Martin and Anna Luna, brought a representation of the struggles and chaotic love affair Gen X-ers and millennials share with such realistic precision. The musical is not just about one relationship on the brink of a disaster, the story explores 4 different relationships all sharing problems such as age gap and trust issues with the same actors playing different roles and different genders. Alex is played by both Agot Isidro and Jojit Lorenzo while the younger Cris is portrayed by Sandino Martin and Anna Luna. The point here is that no matter the financial status, educational background, and gender, everyone and anyone can make or break a relationship.

Catch Changing Partners' rerun at the PETA Theater Center at the Eymard Drive, New Manila in Quezon City from May 11-20, 2018. Reserve your tickets by calling Ticketworld at 891-9999 or contact Chii Manaog at 0945-499-1008. All photos taken from

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