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In Focus: Things We Should Be Able To Discuss Openly With Our Mothers

In Focus: Things We Should Be Able To Discuss Openly With Our Mothers



It’s always a struggle for kids to open up to their parents. Some have grown independent enough to handle things on their own, but once in a while, you will be faced with trials that are too big for your problem solving skills. We all have our closest friends to turn to, but no one could be as reliable and wise as our moms.

Our mothers remain undisputed in giving the best lessons regardless if it’s not precisely what we expect to hear from them. There may be scolding involved but, remember, whatever comes out of their mouths comes from the heart. This could be the time to turn the tables and initiate conversations with your mothers beginning with these topics. Yep, we still believe mothers know best!

1. Love life

Save yourself the trouble of making mistakes in relationships and go seek you mother's help even before things become heated. It may probably be the most awkward talk you’ll have but with all your mom's lifetime experiences–from her own hertbreaks to finding "The One"– you can bet your bottom dollar that they will toss pretty wise love lessons your way. She's been there, done that–be it having crushes, suitors, lovers’ quarrels or even sex.

2. Frustrations

Things do not always go according to plan. Whether it’s a blow at school or work or a failure you can't help but cry about, let it out with your mother because she will always understand with an unending kindness and warm words of wisdom. In whatever age group you’re in now, a lot will still be uncertain for you, and moms are the sure way to clear the path. They might not get to tell you exactly where to head out but will provide you with possibilities and guidance all throughout.

3. Money

You sure wish to have all the buying power in the world to spend on things you love–whether it's fan girl paraphernalia, the latest gadget, or simply your daily necessities. But keep an eye on the value of every buck because it doesn’t just miraculously goes in and out of one’s pocket–your parents’ specifically. Ask your softhearted mom for an add-on to your allowance, and there's no doubt she’ll give in, never wanting to deprive her kids of happiness. But more than your appeals, be open to lectures on your wrong budgeting habits as their words will later save you from life’s financial pitfalls. They can’t give everything you want at all times but, smart money talk, that they can afford.

4. Family matters

Mothers often obligate themselves to fix issues at home carrying the burden themselves saving each family member the energy of harrowing over their problematic relationships. And while they're doing a good job in that area, maybe it’s time to make the situation the exact opposite. Don’t be so consumed by your math tests and make sure to be in the know with whatever is going on inside the household. Go engage with it to understand the matters yourself. Moms always appear strong but, deep inside, they also need someone to confide to and share her sleepless nights of worrying with. Let that person be you and help speed the solving.

Perhaps your mothers are not after flowers or chocolates this Mother’s Day and prefer instead to build a closer relationship with you. So why not give her what she wants, and what you need? Go ahead and talk it out!

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