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In Focus: K-Pop Idols We Adore So Much For Their '8D Character'

In Focus: K-Pop Idols We Adore So Much For Their '8D Character'



If you’ve been a long time K-pop fan, we’re sure that you’ve heard term “4D Personality”. Being described as having a 4D personality means that you are a strange person. If 4D is already unusual, what more if it’s 8D? K-pop fans use the term “8D Personality” for an idol who’s not only strange, but also weird, random, and funny—someone who expresses themselves a little bit differently than the rest of the members, someone so out of this world!

Being described as someone who has an 8D personality is actually a compliment than an insult. Here, we listed down the K-pop idols who have made us swoon with laughter!

1. Bom of 2NE1

Out of all the 2NE1 members, Park Bom is the most quirky! If you think Dara Park is 4D, then wait until you see Bom with her 8D personality. She's a total diva when she's onstage, making us swoon with her vocals. But when she's not performing, she's the idol everyone anticipates in BTS footages because of her playfulness. With her love for corn, ability to sleep with bread in her mouth, and a collection of various stuffed animals that she calls family, this doll-like beauty is certainly the most random K-pop female idol of all time!


Choi Seunghyun A.K.A. BIGBANG's T.O.P is the group's most unpredictable member! Knowing him is like having two different men in your life; there’s one who's serious, while the other one is dorky. When he is T.O.P, he's the rap god with a baritone voice and strong features. And when he's Choi Seunghyun, he wears funny glasses, talks like an alien, and does silly dances. Our favorite 8D moment from T.O.P is when he danced “Bang Bang Bang” so fast at Weekly Idol, it was hilarious!

3. Jisoo of BLACKPINK

It was just last August 2016 when BLACKPINK debuted under YG Entertainment, but it's already pretty clear who's the 8D member of the group based on their show BLACKPINK House. Netizens originally thought that she was just a pretty face with no personality, but it was when she was caught balancing a water bottle on her shoulder at the Seoul Music Awards 2016 that made them realize that she's the quirkiest of them all!

4. V of BTS

Kim Taehyung A.K.A. V is BTS' very own comedian. He wasn't dubbed as BIGBANG's T.O.P and 2NE1's Bom child for nothing! He's famous for his irresistible looks and character that's definitely out of this world. One of the things that makes him more lovable is how he loves making his members laugh. This is why he has the habit of making funny faces and silly noises whenever he's with them. There's also never a moment that V didn't make his fans laugh, so expect any video to be entertaining whenever he's there!

5. Lay of EXO

EXO's Lay is quite different from the other 8D K-pop idols because he's not the typical dork—he's not funny because of his sense of humor, he's funny because he's just really...weird and adorable! He spaces out a lot and forgets when to talk in interviews. And when he does talk, he says the craziest things! There was a time when he said that his members had wet their pants during their concert which made the members stop him from talking further. Seriously, this is not something a normal K-pop idol would say in public!

6. Jaejoong of JYJ

As a second generation K-pop idol, Kim Jaejoong has long been known for his 8D personality! He actually knows how odd his behavior is which is something he's proud of. And one of the characteristics that really makes this 8D idol stand out is how honest he is. He's a soft-spoken frank guy to the point that he could tell you something inappropriate without making you feel offended! There was a time when he told a lady that she needed to close her legs at a press conference because he saw something that he shouldn’t see. LOL! Plus, he's also a famous photobomber!

7. Heechul of Super Junior 

Kim Heechul is known for being a huge flirt in the K-pop industry. He flirts so randomly that it comes out funny! He’s also the King of girl group dance covers because he remembers most girl groups’ choreography more than his groups! The most memorable 8D moment of Heechul was when the ramp at their concert went up with the members leaving him behind because he forgot to move back. Plus, he's a huge Frozen fan! How so? Well, this 34-year-old idol owns a Frozen bag, bed sheet, pillow, doll, and phone case!

Who’s your favorite K-pop idol that has an 8D personality? Let us know!

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