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Find Out What Your Choice of Eyelining Technique Says About You!

Find Out What Your Choice of Eyelining Technique Says About You!


Often the first thing noticed about us, our eyes reveal so much of our personalities. And so does the makeup we choose. The way we apply eyeliner does not only enhance our eyes, it also expresses who we are. I currently have an obsession with black eyeliner, applied with a quick flick as I wing it out, as this gives the illusion that my lashes are permanently turned up and my eyes are wide open. That says a lot about my personality—that I like keeping it classic and sophisticated but at the same time, my eyes are always open to new possibilities. From here, I have resolved that I need to change it up, try new eyelining tricks and add some nuances to my everyday look.

Here are tips on how to make your favorite eyeliner application technique even more exciting:

Sophisticated. These cat eyes can create a slight buzz of intrigue around you. The slight extension of lashes reflect your observant and meticulous nature. To upgrade this look, turn the basic winged eyeliner into a smoky cat eye look. This gives off an element of mystery that is unmistakably chic, sexy, and timeless. From the winged eyeliner look, blend a pencil brush into the eyelid to create a smoky effect. Line your lower lid with the pencil and blend it so that it mimics the upper half. Use two coats of mascara to finish off.


Modern. The classic curve represents a contemporary vibe that highlights the eye without much drama. This natural look works its magic during the day. The best way to enhance a natural look is to create a bright-eyed expression. To do this, draw the lines closest to your lash line and finish it off with a white eyeliner applied on the inner rim of your eyes. Try with different colors to add dimension to your usual look.


Innovator. Toying around with the lower lid is not an easy task; it takes guts (and skill) to pull it off perfectly. A graphic eyeliner on the lower lids shows off your creative and bold nature. You are fearless in the face of challenges and thrilled at the idea of taking risks. With a graphic eyeliner, you can let your imagination run amok. But first, you might want a style that is not too shocking, but could also exhibit your eccentric vibe. Try drawing thick but clear black lines under your eyes and extend outwards so that it crosses with your upper eyelid lines.


Rebel. Smoky eyes create a hot, grungy look. Smudged eyeliners show your unconventional fashion sense as the assertiveness of this style creates a strong look. Softened, slept-in eyeliner is a current trend seen all over the runways. A great way to translate this daring look is to use neutral colors. This will create an edgy look that would be great for work or play. Use rust or bronze eyeshadow to trace your lids in order to achieve a metallic look. This is the modern eye makeup look we saw a lot of during Fall/Winter ‘15 shows.


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Originally published in Metro’s August 2015 issue. Article by Charmagne Garcia-Laconico, photograph courtesy of M.A.C, and illustrations by Eve Sastre. Follow Metro on Instagram and Twitter and like their official Facebook page.







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