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Hot Stuff: Make Way For Arnee Hidalgo's Equally Talented Son Sam Shoaf!

Hot Stuff: Make Way For Arnee Hidalgo's Equally Talented Son Sam Shoaf!

In celebration of Mother's Day, OneMusicPh and Star Magic Philippines’s Youtube channels featured the mother and son tandem of Arnee Hidalgo and Sam Shoaf. Arnee’s career skyrocketed in the early 2000s with her hit R&B covers of "True" and "Cold Summer Nights"—she was known as the country’s R&B siren. Her booming career was cut short when she became pregnant with Sam. Since then, she has concentrated more on motherhood, raising her two sons, Andre and Sam. Little did she know that quite possibly, her performances on stage while having little Sammy in her tummy, might have somehow affected this boy wonder’s growth as he now is a 13 year old performer, vlogger and host.

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Sam started out at 9 years old as a contestant on ‘The Voice Kids Philippines’ Season 1 under Team Sarah. He has now come a long way, becoming a part of ‘Team Yey’ of Yey Channel, a celebrity kid contestant of ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids Season 1’, and now, an in demand host for various online shows like ‘Little Big Shots Philippines Online’ and ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids Breaktime’.

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Arnee has evidently cultivated and nurtured Sam’s talents and molded him into the performer that he is today. Certainly, these current collaborations are not their first. Check out their ukelele version of Meghan Trainor’s "All About That Bass."

Then, there’s also this adorable version of theirs, of Moira Dela Torre’s "Titibo-Tibo."

Now, here is their cover of Matisyahu’s "One Day," an anthemic and relevant tune to uplift us. Their mother and son dynamic makes this song even more meaningful.

What about this touching duet version of Yeng Constantino’s "Hawak Kamay?" Now, this brings a little tear to my eye.

Arnee and Sam are absolutely mother-and-son #goals. Add to the fact that Sam is endearingly a self-confessed mama’s boy, this tandem is sure to inspire more kids and parents alike into having healthy and creatively fun relationships. When asked what she loves about collaborating with his son, Arnee says: ‘It’s a joy to see him grow as an artist. From four years ago that we didn’t even know that he could actually sing when he joined The Voice Kids, to today that he already knows how to make his own harmonies and adlibs, to his songs. One thing is for sure, he’s a natural performer and I have to admit that he performs much better than me.’ To which Sam replies: ‘But my mom is such a good singer that I still have to learn a lot to be as good as her. Her moves though, are sometimes very tita. Haha!’ It’s actually a real riot to experience their mother-and-son connection in person. Take it from me, the brother and uncle to these two.

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