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ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks: How To Steal—And Keep—Your Crush's Attention?

ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks: How To Steal—And Keep—Your Crush's Attention?

The scenario: You're in a club, a guy walks past by you, and his smile and biceps definitely get your attention. The problem: How to get his? Well honey, your lit makeup, cute outfit, and flirting skills aren't the only solutions. You would want to make a good impression for him to be able to add your number in his phonebook. Clueless on what traits capture a guy's attention? Let our #ABSCBNLifestyleHotshots spill the real deal!

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Arthur Tselishchev
: “I like it when people have sense of humor so it really attracts me a lot when a girl makes nice jokes and it’s really funny, not just her.”

Mauro Daez: “By making me laugh, I have a very shallow sense of humor so it's easy to get my attention. In terms of keeping it, all you need to do is be open and game for anything.”

James Lee: “I think, humor. I really like people with a good sense of humor. Or someone you can be freely open with and laugh, you know, without any hesitations or without needing to censor anything that’s coming out of your mouth. Somebody, you know, even with friends, it’s really good that your friends know you and that they don’t get sensitive about the things you say. Basta, I really love humor so anyone who is funny. I really like it. I gravitate towards those people.”

Gerick Manalo: "It's their sense of humor. I'm really that type of guy who wants to talk more and learn more from who I talk to."

Fred Lo: "A good joke would do the trick. Good humor always goes a long way."

Don Coates: "I want girls who are witty and who can catch my sadistic brand of humor and sarcasm.

Javi Cang
: “Probably, nice places, I guess; a beautiful place during sunrise. That's probably the best way to catch my attention. But for a girl, I don't actually believe in those love at first sight kind of things. No matter how hot a girl may be, I won't give a second look. But something that would really catch my attention is if they can handle themselves really well in situations that I feel are pretty cool, like in the outdoors or in sketchy situations. And they're like, super composed and everything, I'd be like, ‘Hey, that's pretty cool.’”

Bryan Benedict: “I don’t know, kasi minsan kahit tahimik yung babae na-ca-catch yung attention ko. Siguro yon, just be yourself. You don’t have to be loud, ‘di mo kailangang maging magaslaw. Just be yourself.”

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Chris Lopez
: “I’m always impressed by talented musicians. Those who sing well, play well or skilled gamer. I’m impressed by that.”


Jay Avellana: “I guess by doing the same things I do. For example, I’m a very outdoor guy and I like to travel a lot. Basta we get to go out of town, we do things together—as a team.”

Miguel Aytona: “If you talk to me, and we share the same interests, and you're passionate about that certain interest, that will probably catch my attention.” 

LA Aguinaldo
: “Best way to catch and keep my attention if you try to really just try to spark a conversation, and just, you know, really try. 'Cause gone are the days when girls are hard to get. Like, for me, okay that’s been played out before, but I want something real with a person. And, you know, if you’re into a guy then, tell them that you’re into them; or if you’re not, then don’t send the wrong signals.”

Martin Javier: “That's a tough question cause I have a very short attention span (laughs). I don't know... just be there. Just be present—physically on social media or in terms of messaging. Just be there; just be more present, because that would definitely keep my attention. That would give me more reasons to interact with you.”

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Mostafa Elezali: “Being mysterious. And to keep my attention, she has to respect our relationship and know it’s value because she will also be the most important person in my life.”

Jappy Agoncillo: “I like people with interesting stories. If someone come up to me, and I just meet them and they have an interesting story to say, that's one way. That means it's interesting to (be in their lives), it's interesting to be their friend, it's interesting to be with them.”

Justin Quirino: "It's really cheesy. I guess her smile. 'Cuz your smile says so much about you and about the kind of person tht you are, I think. But to keep my attention, either they have to be very unique. It sounds so generic. I don't know. I just have to like that person's personality. It has to be entertaing to me. If it's not entertaining, then I'm gonna feel pressured to make us feel entertaine. Because I don't know, I'm a host, right? I really thrive off of enjoyable interaction. So, a girl has to have the kind of personality that entertains and engages me."

Martin Reyes: “Probably if you're really, really funny; and a nice smile, and not being too loud. I mean, yung parang masyadong expressive. Just be simple and funny.”

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