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Lifestyle Hotshots: This Baby-Faced Cosplayer Is Actually A Very Talented And Respected Thespian!

Lifestyle Hotshots: This Baby-Faced Cosplayer Is Actually A Very Talented And Respected Thespian!

This 28-year-old hottie’s forever a kid at heart evident on two of his biggest passions—comic books and cosplay. Yet, TV actor, thespian, model, and theater Fred Lo shows a different, more amorous side to him through song or performance. In fact, this chinito cutie had just gone to Hong Kong to fulfill his Disneyland dreams, vowing to banner Filipino talent overseas!

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a geek/nerd are you?
"Around 8-9. Not yet a complete 10."

What sparked your interest in the particular field you are in right now?
"I’ve always been a singer since prep school then in high school I got coaxed into joining a play, since I could sing. After that, I just realized I had the knack for it."

Who’s your role model in your industry?
"I really look up to Audie Gemora because he’s really the master, being the King of Philippine Theater. He’s also excels in both fields, theater and showbizness."

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How do you use your smarts to your advantage career wise?
"I gotta be honest, I don’t really consider myself to be a smart person but I do get away with a lot of things by trying to be pa-cute."

What's your favorite book?
"Being more of a comic geek, I guess I’d have to say, all the Xmen titles but when it comes to real books, I just read A Wrinkle in Time 'cause I just had to read it before the film came out."

Your favorite movie?
"The Incredibles and I’m so psyched that a sequel is coming up!"

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Name your favorite musical act.
"I’m a big Adele fan, but of course I also love all Disney songs."

What’s your guilty pleasure?
"Definitely toy shopping. Like my ideal date would be to have a girl accompany me toy shopping 'cause I can literally just spend hours at a toy shop."

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In terms of catching a girl’s eye, do smart guys have the advantage over sporty guys?
"Smart guys definitely. 'Cause, like in a club, when you approach a girl with some really witty line, you already have her attention as compared to a guy who’s just macho with really nothing up there."

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On Fred: Jacket, Mango Man

Produced by Camille Santiago | Creative direction by Barry Viloria | Photographs by Vyn Radovan | Styling by Gelie Manansala | Grooming by Cecille Ramirez of MDA | Hair by Darwin Galit of Vivere Salon | Shot on location at: Chaos and Pangaea Ultra Gaming Lounge, City of Dreams, Pasay City | Special thanks to: Charisse Chuidian, Romina Gervacio, and Fran Arias of City of Dreams | Melanie Acedillo of MDA | Glaiza Agbayani of R2 Group of Companies | Banner image by Lui Jimenez




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