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Daily Diaries: Makeup, Mani-Pedi, And More 'Girly Stuff' Men Would Secretly Like To Try Next!

Daily Diaries: Makeup, Mani-Pedi, And More 'Girly Stuff' Men Would Secretly Like To Try Next!

Believe it or not, gender norms still do exist in 2018. Whether it's using skincare products, watching romcoms, or carrying a handbag, all these are usually labelled as feminine. But what if we disregard those double standards and let men bring out their scented candles and enjoy bubble baths? Sounds fun, right? 

So, we got curious and got our Lifestyle Hotshots to confess the girly things they wish they could try. No shame.

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1. Spend a day in a spa.


Enjoying the view while I sweat out some toxins and about six slices of pizza ????

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Arthur Tselishchev: “I’ve tried it already. Going to a mani-pedi salon. It’s very ticklish, I couldn’t really last for more than two minutes. I almost kicked a girl three times. I was very sorry, but I just couldn’t hold it. So yeah, I guess this is not my thing. But I’ve tried. I tried my best to stay calm without kicking her.”

LA Aguinaldo: “Nail spa, cause I really always wanted to just sit down and just relax, and just be pampered and massaged—my nails be massaged and just, you know, clipped. And you feel like a new person after.” 

Mauro Daez: “I'd like to get a pedicure and manicure, everybody says that it is really relaxing but I really don't understand why.”

Miguel Aytona: “Nail spa! It seems so relaxing. I've seen a bunch of guys do it. My ex-team mates, Kobe and Andre, they do it.”

Chris Lopez: “I would definitely go to a spa. I’ve been wanting to do that actually. Chill out. I wanna try pedicure too.”

Justin Quirino: I think for me, it would be like a complete, immersive spa experience. Like scrubs and all that. I don't know, there's just something about the music, the aroma. I've gone to the generic ones. But never the high end ones, wherein it's almost like a theme park full of spa activities. Definitely, somehting like for pampering and relaxation.

Don Coates: "I’ve never done this in my life but if I had a girlfriend, I’d love to have a mani-pedi with her."

2. Try waxing. 

Jappy Agoncillo: "Waxing… [In] most places. *laughs* You know, your armpits, your chest, other areas. Girls always make a big deal out of it. "Ah, it hurts!" So, I kinda wanna see how bad really it is."

Fred Lo: "I’ve never gotten waxed anywhere. I heard it’s really painful so I wanna somewhat get to experience how it feels like."

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3. Have sleepovers with friends.

Gerick Manalo: "Siguro ano, sleepovers."

4. Try on makeup and skincare.


I'll be right??if you need me. ? --- #rg @glossierbff

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Jay Avellana: “I’ve tried it already. I’m wearing make-up now!”

Martin Reyes: “Probably ano, what do you call those? The one you do (with) the face. The rituals, di ba girls have like... skincare. I wanna try it. Right now I just use facial wash. That's basically it. I just wanna know how it will affect a guy's face, if you took a five-step whatever that is."

5. Get a hair treatment


Anne is back to dark hair color and rockin’ it! ?? #SalonPrivatbyJingMonis

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Mostafa Elezali: “Color my hair. I’ve done it for a shoot but maybe I can try having it colored for a longer time.”

Javi Cang: “I wanna try a hot oil. It looks sarap. But I've seen guys do it also, though, so it's not really a girly thing. Maybe a spa, I've never gone to a spa.”

Martin Javier: “Hair care stuff, because I have kulot hair. It's kulot and it's dry and it's hard. And I don't do much about it. I just cut it short-have it cut short. So I wanna try growing it longer and probably trying different hairstyles—probably having it straightened out, or stuff like that. Yon, straightened out, you know, softened for me have a more bouncy hair, because that's what I had as a kid. I had like straight and bouncy hair. And for some reason when I went to high school, it just got curly.”

6. Wear girl's clothing.

Bryan Benedict: “Siguro, to wear pambabaeng damit. Pero actually, na-try ko na rin. High heels na lang.” 

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Photographs by Vyn Radovan | Instagram photos from @shaymitchell, @stripmanila, @ilovegeorgina, @allure, @salonprivatbyjingmonis, @iamhearte




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