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ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks: Which Summer OOTDs Drive Guys Wild? These #ABSCBNLifestyleHotshots Spill!

ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks: Which Summer OOTDs Drive Guys Wild? These #ABSCBNLifestyleHotshots Spill!

It's a typical night out and you find yourself putting together an outfit, only to end up ditching it (and change for the nth time) because you want to make sure your crush will notice you. There's no need to spend hours and several outfit changes to get ready, as we compiled a list of favorite summer outfits by our Lifestyle Hotshots that will immediately catch their attention!

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1. Summer Dress


summer feels @shop.gala ?? dress by @penshoppe

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Justin Quirino
: "I guess something non jeans-y, like a dress, and it really depends on how they dress it up. I prefer cute, so anything that would make me think that the girl is more cute than hot. I guess something that's not too revealing. Sakto lang! I guess those hats *laughs*"

Jappy Agoncillo: "Sun dresses. It just looks nice; still very simple, and elegant, in a way."

Martin Reyes: “Siguro yung mga colorful dresses for summer.”

LA Aguinaldo: “Summer dress. There’s just always something captivating about a girl in a summer dress.”

Fred Lo: "I love seeing girls in cute summer dresses. It’s very refreshing to look at coz it just exudes confidence."

2. Crop top


A day on board ¤

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Miguel Aytona
: “What did my girlfriend wear last time? (laughs) You know those loose skirts? And probably a tube na medyo cropped. It's easy to take off when they're gonna wear their bikini.”

Gerick Manalo: "Crop top and big summer hats."

Don Coates: "I like it when a girl wears these crop tops, matched with a high waisted skirt that’s not too short. It’s sexy but then it also gives this eloquent look about them like you’re able to appreciate them without having (ahem) those thoughts but you find it sexy and alluring."

3. The Basics 


Back in my fav place in the city ??

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Jay Avellana: “Denim shorts and just a simple tank top and sneakers.” 

James Lee: “It’s always the same summer look. Like, for instance, in the beach, it’s either two piece or a nice one piece. Then, during my time, when I was in highschool and college, the usual summer clothes were just tank tops or jeans and shorts so I think that’s still cute right now. It’s weird if it’s summer and you’re fully dressed up and made up. Something simple that’s not too hot.”

Mostafa Elezali: “I like simple things. A girl in jeans and shirt with a hat is cute.”

Mauro Daez: “I like it when the girls are bringing back those 1950s or 1960s look, with the bandanas and the tie-dye polo shirt, not sure  what year that is, what decade it is but I find that super cute on a girl.”

Chris Lopez: “I like tank top and shorts. It’s nice. I love the ocean, I love the water, I love scuba diving so beach wear, I’m always down for that.”

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Martin Javier: “I like girls who just dress in sweat shirts and pants, and jeans. And I think, what I like about summer is that their outfits get more simpler. So I think, that's more attractive for me, compared to girls who really—hindi naman overdressed, I don't mind that also. But I'm just more attracted to girls who wear simple clothes, or who wear simple clothes but can put their own style, put a twist to the outfit that kinda shows their personality a bit. But otherwise, simple outfit—simple but very effective outfit.”

DJ Perez: “I like it when girls don’t wear make up, less make up and basic on the attire.”

Javi Cang: “I'm really bad at fashion, so I'm probably not the best guy to answer that (laughs). Whatever they're comfortable with, I guess.” 

4. Innerwear as outerwear


My sparkly number had its moment! So fun lol this sunset tho ????????

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Arthur Tselishchev: “I don’t really follow much of the fashion news reports, even though I’m in the industry but somehow, I see that. Not sure if it’s summer but I like the latest collection last season, it was showcased in a lingerie on clothes. Like bra on top of a sweater. It’s cool. Something like that—worn over a sweater or a turtle neck. It’s kinda sexy to me and it’s something new. It’s not like I saw it before.” 

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Photographs by Vyn Radovan | Instagram photos from @iamsofiaandres, @kelseymerrit, @nadine, @vanessahudgens




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