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The Six Fix: Local Songs That Will Complete Your Road Trip Playlist

The Six Fix: Local Songs That Will Complete Your Road Trip Playlist



The summer season is the best time to take a much-needed breather, preferrably somewhere far from the hustle and bustle of the city. So, if you're planning to hit the road anytime soon, then we're here to prime your ride with a playlist that will surely get you pumped for the adventure ahead.

There's no need to look further because we've got six homegrown tracks that will keep you company for your next road trip! From The Ransom Collective's folk tune to Reese Lansangan's acoustic piece, these songs are loop-worthy wherever you may choose to go!

1. "Tides" by The Ransom Collective

Hold your questions
You'll find your answer off the page
I heard you calling from afar
Set off to find out where you are

With their sparkling indie-folk sound, The Ransom Collective will surely slide right into your road trip playlist without a hitch. Their latest single entitled "Tides," along with the rest of their wanderlust-charged tracks in their album Traces, makes for the perfect song to listen to while you're driving through highways just after sunrise! 

2. "Bottom of This" by Oh, Flamingo!

I'd do everything to be alright
But you see, somehow it takes some time
To tell you all the words that just might
Give our future some peace of mind

Finally back from quite a hiatus, four-piece indie-rock band Oh, Flamingo! just released their latest track entitled "Bottom Of This." We honestly can't get enough of this fresh drop, so there's no way we're leaving this one out from any playlist we're curating at the moment!

3. "Beyond" by Farewell Fair Weather

Who would've known that we could go this far?
All those changes, all those stuggles made us who we are
It's quite surprising our differences harmonizing
Such beauty, we're like family
I give my praise to thee

If you're going on a road trip with your ride-or-die crew, then this track will surely give you a special moment. Talking about going through life with your closest circle, Farewell Fair Weather's "Beyond" is the fitting soundtrack to your bonding sesh with its swell of distinctly stellar instrumentals and overall soulful vibe.

4. "Mapa" by Autotelic

Ikaw lang ang tanging mapa
Ng aking mundo
Ikaw lang ang makahahanap
Ng nawawalang piraso

A band that has already made a name for themselves in the pop scene, Autotelic will surely perk you up with their easy-to-listen-to tracks. Their funk-infused tune entitled "Mapa" from their album Papunta Pabalik will get you into that "walking on sunshine" mood and take you to your destination without looking back!

5. "Wildwood" by Reese Lansangan

I've got a map across the road,
I'll see my destiny unfurl for me
I've got the sturdy soles of my shoes
The world to gain, nothing to lose

For a much more chill soundtrip, Reese Lansangan's signature soft vocals and acoustic melodies are perfect to play in the background as you look out to picturesque sceneries while in transit. Her song "Wildwood" from the Of Sound Mind And Memory EP will surely soothe your wandering soul like no other.

6. "Ride Home" by Ben&Ben

So many questions, I've thrown to the skies
All of the answers, I've found in your eyes
When I'm with you home is never too far
My weary heart has come to rest in yours

Travelling doesn't always mean going away; sometimes, it also means coming home. We love Ben&Ben for their heartwarming music, and "Ride Home" is proof of that. How nice is it when you know you're on your way to somewhere (or someone) that will make you feel at home no matter where you are? *melts*

Now that your playlist is all set, there's no reason for you to miss this year's Tagaytay Art Beat, an all-local arts and music festival happening this May 19, 2018 at Museo Orlina! Catch The Ransom Collective, Oh, Flamingo!, Farewell Fair Weather, Autotelic, Reese Lansangan, and Ben&Ben, along with a whole lineup of promising artists that would surely make your roadtrip down south worthwhile! 

To get you even more pumped up, listen to Tagaytay Art Beat's playlist on Spotify here. For ticket inquiries, visit their official Facebook page, See you there!

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