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In Focus: 5 Things Couples Who Love the Same Food Can Totally Relate To

In Focus: 5 Things Couples Who Love the Same Food Can Totally Relate To



Food can be the ultimate bonding experience for most couples. Because honestly, as we can all agree, the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. And with the good vibes that usually come from all that mouthwatering goodness served on plates, there’s really no other way.

While there are couples who simply love to eat and eat all the time, there are those couples who love to munch on the same kind of food. Their favorite dishes and the food they get comfort from are basically the same–from the appetizer, snacks, the main course, drinks, up to dessert. And because of this mind-blowing compatibility, they just seem to be pigging out most of the time.

So if you’re one of those couples, here are some things you can totally relate to:

1. The extra pounds

Well, this is the most obvious thing about eating so much because you love the same food–those extra pounds gained by you and your bae are surely hard to ignore. But worry not, we’re pretty sure your SO would openly accept every inch of you no matter what!

2. The struggle of working out

Even if most people would tell you to love whatever type of body you have, let’s not forget the efforts in keeping ourselves fit and healthy. But if you’re one of those couples who just love to eat every single time, the struggle of working out becomes all too real. Your date night is always a battle between eating out and working out?

3. The latest food trends

Couples who are into the same dishes and cuisines are most likely the kind of couples who follow the latest food trends and also the first ones to get the most recent updates. Other than actually eating, you also consider checking out what’s new and cooking a fun bonding activity. 

4. The amount you spend on food is sometimes overwhelming

Since you’re the couple who agrees on the same food choices, you seldom (or never) experience a hard time in deciding where to eat. This leads you to being G! to all your SO’s invitations, whenever, wherever, which can sometimes be a little overwhelming to your budget. 

5.  The hard-to-keep “Diet na Tayo.” promise.

After a year or more of being the food trip kind of couple, you both slowly realize the need to tone the pigging out down a little bit. And so you start convincing each other to start the diet and become more conscious on your food decisions. However, we all know how this promise can sometimes be hard to keep–because seriously, who are we kidding?

Food will always have a special place not only in couples’ tummies, but in their hearts, too–especially if you’re one of those lovebirds who feast on the same treats. After all, the couples who eat together, all the time, stay together, right?

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