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In Focus: 5 Things To Do At The Beach If You're Not In The Mood To Swim

In Focus: 5 Things To Do At The Beach If You're Not In The Mood To Swim



As kids, what we look forward to the most during beach trips is swimming–taking a dip into the waters is just a great way to beat the summer heat every single time. We also get excited about making sand castles using our very own trusted set of bucket and shovels.

But now that we’re adults, the things we enjoy by the beach have changed–we opt for a steady and chill vibe while relaxing by the shore, sometimes without even experiencing the sea itself. So, if you’re one of us who simply loves to stay put, here are some of the fun things to do at the beach other than swimming:

1. Read a book. If you’re not in the mood to interact so much but you still want some entertainment while at the beach, bringing a book is the way to go. Reading your favorite novel while lounging on one of those super comfy beach chairs, with a cocktail on the side, is definitely #summergoals!

2. Practice yoga. We all know how going to the beach is good for the heart, mind, and, soul. Why not level it up a bit? Simply squeeze a yoga sesh in, and experience the ultimate serenity we’ve all been looking for while enjoying the sound of the crashing waves in your background. Namaste!

3. Have a chill picnic with good food and some booze. Our beach checklist would never miss out on some yummy treats and a little bit of booze. Who doesn’t love munching and driking over great conversations anyway? The ultimate vacation always includes this combo as we have fun under the sun!

4. Watch the sunset. Sunsets are proof that endings can also be beautiful, too. And no matter where we are, its magnificence at the end of each day never fails. Imagine a candy-colored sky, sparkling waters, and a gorgeous horizon in between. If you've got a camera and the attitude to strike a pose, this is also the best time to nail that #OOTD shot!

5. Just enjoy some "me" time. Being too exhausted can sometimes lead us to taking that much-needed breather at the beach since it can possibly be an ultimate but temporary escape. And sometimes, as we figure some things out, we realize how much we appreciate the calmness the ocean brings, even if we’re alone because enjoying some "me" time every now and then is healthy for our mind, body, and soul.

Yup, since our preferences change as we grow up and get older, going to the beach nowadays doesn’t just mean swimming. So if you’re in one of those moods that doesn’t involve some water action, other fun options you can go for are always available!

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