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Daily Diaries: Things That Make Adulting Harder Than It Is

Daily Diaries: Things That Make Adulting Harder Than It Is



Being forced to step into the post-college world is one of the hardest parts of life, even though we spent our school days dreaming of the time when we fully become independent and truly start living. It's already tricky to maintain the motivation to keep moving forward, so it’s frustrating when these things that we thought wouldn't be a problem would actually make it so much harder than we expect it to be. Here are the problems that cause us unnecessary stress that we hope would be solved on their own, TBH!

1. Relationships
If you think that meeting people, establishing genuine connections, and finding a long-term partner are easy in your 20s, then you’re possibly mistaken. Most adults aren't actually ready to create and maintain a healthy intimate relationship since they're busy with their careers, reaching their dreams, and supporting their loved ones. You would also realize that love is not enough anymore when it comes to making a relationship work; it would take a lot more sacrifice and time than your college romance.


2. Bills
Your day-to-day expenses seem so little when you're a student who’s financially dependent to your parents. But when you become an adult who has now taken the responsibility of taking care of your bills, you start to learn how important budgeting is. Unfortunately, you would also have sudden expenses like credit card bills, and rent. Sticking to a budget can be so ridiculously hard, it's easy to start in the first few days but then you go, "How am I supposed to continue living until my next pay?"


3. Taxes and Government IDs
As a student, there are benefits that you could get like a discount to movies, museums, and transportation. For this to happen, all you need is your school ID. However, when you’re an adult, filing taxes, paying insurance, processing government forms, and getting valid IDs have become your responsibility to basically function as a citizen.

4. Appointments
Back in the good ole' days, your mom used to make all of your appointments and always followed them up on time. Now, it's hard to believe the fact that you'll have to start getting used to not having anyone to make appointments for you anymore. It's all up to you to explain your symptoms over the phone to your doctor while you're lying in bed sick or when you're having a toothache episode wherein talking just makes you cry in pain. Then to add up to your blocks of frustration, you have to buy your prescribed medicines and pay for the services with your own money, which would mess with your so-called budget plan and get you back to being broke all over again.

5. Exercising
Being physically active was easy in high school since you have a subject (Hello, Physical Education!) to keep you going all throughout the week. It was also fairly easy in college since you have enough time to go to the gym after class, if you really want to. But, oddly, it becomes one of the hardest things to do once you're out in the real world. In all honesty, are you actually willing to go to the gym after work to make yourself tired and sweaty for an hour just to burn out at least 300 calories when you can just use that time to eat dinner and have a Riverdale marathon? Nope!

6. Socializing
Sadly, we don't live in a perfect world where having friends wherever we go is possible. It did happen in college, knowing at least one or two people in every class, but sadly, it's utterly impossible in the real world. When we thought we already have enough friends and we don't need more, we start going to events or company parties alone with no one to talk to, questioning if we're not as friendly as we thought we were. Small talks have become our least favorite thing that we would rather make our appetite happy during a party than talk to strangers we wouldn't probably see again.

Figuring out how to “adult” is difficult as it is, and no one really gets a perfect score at the end of it. Even our parents who seem to know everything all too well were once as clueless as we are. However, let's make it a little bit easier for us by doing better each time and giving ourselves a break once in a while.


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