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The Six Fix: The Most Iconic Songs By Legendary Girl Groups

The Six Fix: The Most Iconic Songs By Legendary Girl Groups



From sugary sweet to unpredictably fierce, K-pop won't be where it is right now without these girl groups that made their mark not only in their homeland but also outside Asia. The K-pop scene has already bred various girl groups since it started, but only a few truly gave an impact in the industry. And in every legendary girl group, there's this one song that became so iconic that even non-Kpop fans know it, and we listed them down below!

1. "Gee" by SNSD

With its bright musical composition and fun music video, "Gee" is the group's breakthrough song for a reason. Talking about a girl who doesn't know how to handle her beating heart whenever she sees the guy she likes, this song immediately topped the Melon and Mnet charts during its release and achieved nine consecutive wins on KBS Music Bank. It's also one of the songs that introduced the sugary sweet image to the industry that various girl groups have followed up to this day. After all, they're the Queens of K-pop for a reason!

2. "Nobody" by Wonder Girls

Before the Gangnam Style craze around the world, Wonder Girls broke the barriers first with their song Nobody which was released in 2011. Its music video was the first to reach 50 million views on YouTube and the most viewed K-pop video during its release. Their agency JYP Entertainment even released it in four different languages (Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese) because of its undeniable popularity worldwide. Besides its Dream Girls-like theme, the music video also has a comedic flow that's rare for K-pop music videos during that time which is one of the reasons why it got everyone's attention!

3. "I Am The Best" by 2NE1

2NE1's "I Am The Best" is a K-pop gem because it paved the way for the empowered side of K-pop girl groups. With its monstrous hooks and powerful beats, it's no surprise that the song made the group a global sensation. "I Am The Best" is just simply a song about being the best, the perfect tune to play when you're about to enter a room full of haters! It immediately topped Korean digital charts during its release that by the end of 2011, the song was the fourth best-seller of the year in South Korea having 3.47 million digital copies sold. Even American actress Emma Stone is no exception to its addictive beat! We mean, who could resist its catchy line Naega Jeil Jal Naga, right?

4. "Mister" by KARA

There's no doubt that the song is absolutely catchy and propulsive, but the number one reason as to why KARA's "Mister" was a huge hit was because of its "butt dance" that has become a worldwide craze! It became a cultural impact not only in Korea, but also in Japan, since the "butt dance" appeared in popular anime shows Naruto Spin-off: Rock Lee and Doraemon. That's how powerful KARA's signature song and dance are!

5. "Abracadabra" by Brown Eyed Girls

Starting off with a cute and innocent concept, Abracadabra is the song that changed Brown Eyed Girls' image completely! It's sexy and mature which was the kind of image that the members wanted to project, since 2009 was the year when most girl groups wanted to be 'pretty and sweet'. The song is about a boy cheating on his girlfriend which made the girl revengeful and crazy. Just like KARA's "Mister", Abracadabra's choreography became a global phenomenon for its 'arrogant' dance. Even huge idols like BIGBANG's G-Dragon and T.O.P still dance the choreography up to this day!


6. "Bad Girl Good Girl" by Miss A

Another empowering song about a girl standing up to the guys who kept judging him based on the way she acts, Miss A's "Bad Girl Good Girl" served as the group's debut single. It became the fastest winning track on a music show which broke records set by all girl groups before them! "Bad Girl Good Girl" was so iconic that it has been covered by their label mate group TWICE numerous times already, showing how much the third-generation girl group looks up to these legends!

Which girl group song made a mark on you? 

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