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#ChalkAsks: What's Something You Never Got The Chance To Tell Your Ex?

#ChalkAsks: What's Something You Never Got The Chance To Tell Your Ex?



No matter how long it has been since you and your ex broke up, the things you never got the chance to tell them still linger. Whether it’s an apology or an expression of the hurt you felt, these things can feel like a heavy burden. And it gets frustrating especially when these thoughts turn into "what ifs."

Most of the time, the reason some things remain unsaid is because you and your ex are not in speaking terms anymore or you already found someone new. Either way, you need to let it out for your own peace of mind. That’s why we asked people who still have unspoken words and unanswered questions playing in their head to release those thoughts here instead of keeping them in. 

“To my ex-boyfriend, you’ll see that the day will come that I’ll have you again! Start hiding now because once I see you, I will never let you go. LOL! Kidding aside, I absolutely regret not taking care of you the same way you took care of me. I wish you well, and I know you’re happier now. Just please don’t ever use the line ‘You deserve better’ to your next girlfriend because I’ll smack you in the head.” – Prin, 20

“I always wondered how my life would be if we didn't split roads. Would it be as it is now or would it have been better? We may never know but time will tell, and destiny shall decide. There were no bad memories for the good ones shall remain. Thank you for everything.” – Carl, 22

“I’m thankful that you made me happy even in a short period of time, but I’m more thankful that you’ve let me go because I became a better person. I learned from my mistakes, and I know now that I deserve someone better than you knowing that all this time there’s a third party in our relationship. I hope you can find someone you’re willing to change for, someone you’ll seriously love. Please don’t ever do the things you did to me to the next girl you’ll date because it’s freaking painful, and I would never wish for that to happen to anyone. Good luck with your life, I believe you know better now.” – Andrea, 21

“All I hope right now is for you to change, to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you, and not everything you want you’ll get. I’m also hoping that I’ve never met you, and I never see you again. It’s not that I regret it, but it just hurts so much.” – CJ, 20

“I’ll never forget how happy you made me and I’m sorry for not handling our breakup well. I should’ve been more mature and maybe we could’ve still been friends. I’m really sorry. I hope you’re happy and that you find someone who loves you at least as much as I did or more. Please take care, don’t build more walls around you and keep growing into the beautiful person I know you are. I still don’t understand why you changed into a cold person when we broke up or why you were so harsh. It’s okay, I don’t have to understand. You had your reasons, I just wish it could’ve ended better, we deserved it but things happen for a reason, right? Just be happy.” – Carol, 19

“I have always known we weren’t destined for each other. I’ve always known that I didn’t love you enough for me to see myself having a family with you. Since day 1, I have always regretted saying “yes” to you, even now that we’ve already broken up for years. Because I lost myself in the process of pretending I was happy and that everything was okay while we were together. I wasn’t ready, you knew, but you still risked asking me to be your girlfriend in front of everyone else. And how can I say no when I knew you were just going to be humiliated if I did?” – Jasmine, 20

“I'm sorry. I was so young and naive, didn't know much, but claimed to know everything. What I thought was love was actually selfishness. I still haven't moved on, but I won't bother you anymore, because you already found someone new.” – HL, 20

“What happened to us? I didn’t even get a chance to ask you why you left me. Why did you hurt me? I can’t even talk to you anymore since I’m still hurting. We’ve been together for six years, and you just threw everything down the drain like it didn’t matter. Do you even know how many times I sacrificed just to make our relationship work? But I can’t blame you completely because I made a mistake, too. Still, why didn’t you tell me and just left me with unanswered questions? Why is it that easy for you? Did you really love me or am I just really blinded by my love for you? But thank you because, at least, I learned something. And finally, I know my worth now.” – Anne, 21

“You should have just told me the truth rather than reasoning out that you’re not ready to be in a relationship. Then after a week of our break up, I’ll be seeing you together with somebody else. It damaged my self-esteem. I have a lot of "whys" because of that.”– Faye, 20

“There are so many things left unsaid and threads left dangling. But what I really want to tell him but didn’t get the chance to is how grateful I am for his short visit in my life. That quick, sweet but heartbreaking stop left a huge impact on my personal growth. His short appearance didn't give me a reason to rewrite a page or two, everything is kept and will be cherished.” - Clarice, 20

If only we had the guts and time to say these things personally, then the moving on process may have been easier. But the good thing is that even though some romances didn’t end well, every love story has turned out to be a signficant chapter in your life. You won’t be who you are right now, if it weren’t for them. And even if you did get a chance to tell them everything you wanted to say, if things weren’t meant to be in the first place, nothing would have changed anyway.

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