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The Six Fix: Struggles We Face As Independent "Adults" Whenever We Get Sick

The Six Fix: Struggles We Face As Independent



Getting sick, no matter what age we are in, can be such a tough time for every one of us. Aside from the terrible and weak feeling physically, it can also be awful for us mentally and emotionally, especially if we’ve already become independent adults–living by ourselves, away from home, and the parentals are not always present to take care of us. We become totally responsible for ourselves while also pushing us to become stronger.

And other than the fact that we’re not feeling so well, we face some struggles while dealing with it simply because we’re grown-ups now. Here are some difficulties we encounter at one point or another:

1. Scheduling a doctor’s appointment

Being an adult can sometimes mean working for a job several hours daily. And sometimes, setting an appointment to see our doctors can be a bit of a struggle because of our hectic schedules–be it for work or other personal matters. But of course, with proper time management, we’ll surely find time to have ourselves checked.

2. Utilizing our healthcare benefits

Companies usually provide their employees with healthcare benefits through Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) cards, shouldering costs whenever we get sick. However, this requires additional paperwork and approval processing, something that’s new to us, so it’s a bit different with we what we’ve gotten used to–our parents bringing us to the hospital while we simply wait for the doctor.

3. Paying for expensive medicine

Now that we work for a living, the responsibility of paying for our own medicine has been passed on to our shoulders. Let’s face it, medicine can be really expensive and paying for them using the paychecks we worked hard for is kind of shocking for our dear wallets.

4. Going through “scary” laboratory tests

As kids, it’s our mom and dad’s thing to make sure we undergo all medical requirements whenever we’re sick. But it’s our turn now to bring ourselves the hospital and face some seemingly scary laboratory tests alone–yes, because that’s what grown-ups do!

5. Feeding ourselves

Our fast recovery also depends on what we eat. Filling ourselves up with a hearty meal is a must for us to gain our energy back. And since being sick leaves us feeling weak, feeding ourselves becomes a little hard, especially if we’re stuck with very limited choices.

6. Missing work

In school, professors can be more understanding in terms of missing class as compared to calling in sick for work. Not everyone is entitled to leave credits as soon as they land a job, so missing a day in the office can also become a day’s worth of salary deduction. Not to mention–the work that would pile up on our sick days can be extra stressful to come back to!

Although these struggles as adults are definitely worth our attention, we should always remember to prioritize our health as it is truly our wealth. Let us all focus towards our fast recovery because with the right mindset and positive attitude, we’ll totally feel better in no time!

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