In Focus: We Dissected Moira’s ‘Tagpuan’ Lyrics And Here’s What We Learned About True Love

In Focus: We Dissected Moira’s ‘Tagpuan’ Lyrics And Here’s What We Learned About True Love



We won’t ever doubt the possibility of Moira dela Torre ultimately losing all her reasons to write heartwrenching songs as she finally got a one-way ticket to her happy ending after a sunset proposal from the lover her life Jason Hernandez as documented through her latest music video for the track "Tagpuan." And we couldn’t be any happier (and jealous!) of these friends-turned-soulmates' love story. But what really is the secret to Moi’s heartwarming romance? 

Some may have found themselves done and over with trying in the love department as the odds of meeting “the one” continues to delay their chances of their own happy ever after. But take it from Moi when we say that true love awaits. Here are the lessons from the lyrics to Moira’s “Tagpuan” that teach us that there’s a single person out there also praying to spend the rest of their lives with us! 

Di, di ko inakalang
Darating din sa akin
Nung ako'y nanalangin kay bathala
Naubusan ng bakit

Never question God's plan. You need to have faith to look for the one person meant for you. Don’t stress yourself too much wondering if your imagined future love story will ever happen to you. Cut the whys, the whens, and the whos. Acknowledge the fact that there’s a huge surprise waiting for you somewhere if you just trust in His perfect timing and never get tired of it even it if takes too long.

Bakit umalis ng walang sabi?
Bakit 'di siya lumaban kahit konti?
Bakit 'di maitama ang tadhana?

Love is never easy. We have to be willing to recognize that love isn’t some sure-fire ecstasy. Falling in love, definitely, can be quite a child’s play, but once you’re in, you’ll discover yourself in difficult terms with compromising and understanding your partner. It can be messy, demanding and crazy – not what you used to fantasize. But love is love even when things become troublesome. Remember that it’s suppose to be there not as a luxury but a life-changing experience that should teach us not to bail on the people we care for.

Nung nakita kita sa tagpuan ni Bathala
May kinang sa mata na 'di maintindihan
Tumingin kung saan sinubukan kong lumisan
At tumigil ang mundo
Nung ako'y ituro mo
At hindi ka lumayo
Nung ako yung sumusuko
At nagbago ang mundo
Nung ako'y pinaglaban mo

Nothing beats the idea of your love, loving you back. So stop wasting your time. When you feel in you heart and mind that you’ve found the one, say it before it’s too late because chances are, it might never come again. Love is a test of trial and error so you should make the most out of every turn you take because you’ll never know when you'll stumble upon the right person. Don’t give up without even going and sticking your neck out there. If you’re not brave enough to face whatever comes out of it, then maybe you don’t deserve that love at all. Who knows, maybe you two are just waiting for something to happen at both ends?

At hindi di mapaliwanag
Ang nangyari sa akin
Saksi ang lahat ng tala
Sa iyong panalangin

Be patient. Don’t hurry things and complain why you can't seem to come close with the epilogue you wish for. Perhaps you're not meant to be together today, but in the future you'll see. To be in love requires time and effort. The same goes when you found someone that matches your wish list–it doesn’t always mean it’s forever. It's vital to get to know each other first and spot differences that can make or break a relationship that's in the works. Likewise, stop relying on the make-believe concepts of love at first sight and telenovelas’ requited love. Keep in mind that love can’t also be forced. Just trust that the universe is working for your favor no matter how challenging your situation can be.

Paano nasagot lahat ng bakit?
Di makapaniwala sa nangyari
Paano mo naitama ang tadhana?

Not everyone has the same kind of love. Don’t get discouraged and think that you’re doomed to put up with the same failures they made or the ones you made in the past. Love just doesn’t always make sense for everyone every single time. It’s still that inexplicable power that overcomes disappointments and begets joy when the moment is finally right for the two people in love.

Surely, Moira and Jason's story is everything we all dream of having–their tale is handwritten by God Himself. And in summary, we've learned that finding your one true love is all about being brave, opening yourself up wholly, and never giving up on the person you chose to be with. Here's to finally meeting our own!

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