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#ChalkTalks: Andi Eigenmann, Dani Barretto, & Ai Dela Cruz On How They Learned To Love Their Body

#ChalkTalks: Andi Eigenmann, Dani Barretto, & Ai Dela Cruz On How They Learned To Love Their Body



As humans, we all have our insecurities especially when it comes to our physical appearances. No matter who you are or how you look, it's an inherent fact that we all have "flaws." With that in mind, it's important that we avoid pressuring ourselves to look a certain way and that we never let our outer beauty define our self-worth.

And to further inspire us to find that inner love, we gathered three girls to discuss their own struggles with body image and how they powered through them. Facilitated by host Nikki Viola, we got into a fun yet insightful conversation with actress and surfer Andi Eigenmann, content creator Dani Barretto, and MYX VJ Ai dela Cruz.

No stranger to the pressures of beauty standards, Andi Eigenmman has had her fair share of feeling like she needed to change in order to fit into the industry she chose to be a part of. She confides, "When I was younger, I really had to make sure that I fit the standards. So it was a struggle for me because that's not who I was. I didn't look healthy. And I didn't look happy as well."

Fast forward to the present, Andi has found another passion aside from acting that has helped her nurture her body in a more positive way which is surfing. "Now, I don't depend how beautiful I think I am based on what the weighing scale says." She elaborates, "If I didn't have these arms, then I wouldn't have the ability to paddle as hard as I do. My legs may look bigger than average, but that's what helps me balance myself on the board."

Being in the public eye, Dani has also experienced the harsh side of sharing her daily life online. She's been bashed once people started noticing that she's gaining weight. But being the smart and confident girl that she is, Dani never let those words get into her. She realized, "I'm happy with my life. Yes, I have to lose a little [weight,] but only because I want to, not because they said I have to. I'm doing it for myself."

Taking control of your life is key to making sure that no standard or opinion could sway your self-image. Ai attests to this, saying, "Kahit na gaano ka ka-sexy, kung you give so much importance sa anong sinasabi ng ibang tao, walang sense 'yun. At the end of the day, it's all up to you."

Truly, being positive about your body is a sure-fire way to letting your best self shine. For more boost of inspiration, watch our full discussion with Andi, Dani, Ai, and Nikki below:

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