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In Focus: The Most Gag-Worthy Lip Sync Showdowns From 'RuPaul's Drag Race'

In Focus: The Most Gag-Worthy Lip Sync Showdowns From 'RuPaul's Drag Race'



If you are not obsessing over RuPaul’s Drag Race, then it’s hightime that you do. Who knew that watching gay men sewing, beating their faces, creating the most glamorous mugs, dressing up, and giving us their best drag could serve as our source of will to live—or at least our weekend guilty pleasure? One of the highlights of every episode is the Lip Sync for Your Life where we see two queens battling it out to stay for another week by lip syncing to the fiercest songs that ever existed in our lifetime!

We listed the best lip syncs across all seasons and we can honestly say that these queens obeyed what Mama Ru always says every before lip sync for your life, “Good luck and don’t f*ck it up!”

“It’s Raining Men (Remix)” - Sharon Needles vs. Phiphi O’Hara (Season 4)
Sharon dressed as a devil and Phiphi dressed as an angel. Halo and horns aside, this was more than a battle of good and evil—it was a desperate head-to-head of queens who want to stay in the race until the end. Sharon Needles gave everyone life with her lip movements, while Phiphi O’Hara snatched her wig and removed her heels (RuPaul’s two big no-nos when lip syncing for your life.)

“Shut Up And Drive” - Alyssa Edwards vs. Tatianna (All-Stars 2)
Alyssa and Tati were back for RUdemption. This lip sync was a do-or-die for both of them—a Lipsync For Your Life and a Lipsync For Your Legacy as the winner for this lip sync will be the season’s returning queen. Giving their all with their almost coordinated costumes and moves, they surely made it hard for Ru to decide who will RUturn.

“Pound The Alarm” - Monet X Change vs. Dusty Ray Bottom (Season 10)
We are just in the middle of season 10 and week after week, the queens are turning it up! But this lip sync between Dusty and Monet was something else. Believe us because this battle elicited a rare reaction from RuPaul herself saying, “For the ladies watching from the back, that is what we call a Lip Sync For Your Life!” TBH, we hoped for a double-shantay because both queens slashed our necks and revived us from the dead!

“So Emotional” - Sasha Velour vs. Shea Coulee (Season 9)
Was this massacre of a showdown even legal? Sasha’s rose reveal left all of us gagging and more. This lipsync for the crown between Shea and Sasha is one of the best battles the show has ever had. Shea did well; it’s just that Sasha is secretly a lip sync assassin and Shea, a front-runner all-season, became a background performer.

“Malambo No. 1” - Jinx Monsoon vs. Detox (Season 5)
Jinx Monsoon’s journey to the crown isn’t a smooth one. She had to lip sync for the last spot in the top 3 against Detox, one of the best lip synchers of the season. Both fought with fangs and claws with “Malambo No. 1” as the chosen song—a Peruvian song that none of us know the words to. It was a battle of gimmicks and theatricality. At the end it was a photo finish with Jinx winning this and eventually winning the Season 5 crown.

“Whip My Hair” - Alyssa Edwards vs. Roxxxy Andrews (Season 5)
“This lipsync is giving me a seizure,” said Alaska, one of the season’s front-runner, and all we could say was, “SAME!” An iconic lip sync for your life between Alyssa and Roxxxy, the hairography in this one was insanely good. And Roxxxy’s double wig reveal (an inspiration behind one of Season 9’s runway challenge) was definitely one of the best gags in all of RuPaul’s Drag Race herstory. Because of both’s legendary performance, Ru had no other choice but to make this lip sync a double shantay.

“Stupid Girls” - Joslyn Fox vs. Laganja Estranja (Season 6)
We all have our favorites, but this lip sync is definitely one of the best of the season—Joslyn gave the lip sync of her life and embodied the song while Laganja gave us a high-energy performance. Did we mention the seemingly choreographed double split they did? Same beat, same drop, two oh-so-fabulous splits! Their performances made us bite our nails while waiting for Ru’s decision. Saying that this was a neck-and-neck decision is an understatement—Joslyn was just a boob pump ahead of Laganja, thus giving Joslyn the win. To Laganja: Goodbye, Mama!

“Roar” - Katya vs. Kennedy Davenport (Season 7)
The fan favorite vs. the season’s lip sync assassin, this battle could still start debates online whenever people talk about who should’ve won. Some argue about Kennedy overdoing it and praises Katya’s control. But some people say that Kennedy deserved to stay because she gave it her all resulting to a show-stopping performance. But we believe that this lip sync should be a double shantay because both performances gave us life!

“MacArthur Park” - Manila Luzon vs. Delta Work (Season 3)
Can you believe that The Heathers battled each other and sent each other home? Being part of the same clique, Delta and Manila needed to lip sync against each other with Manila coming out as the victor. Considered one of the best lip syncs in the entire herstory by various drag race fans, this was the career defining moment for Manila Luzon and people love seeing her perform this song during her gigs. This lip sync is what we can bravely consider a classic!

“Straight Up” - Raja vs. Carmen Carrera (Season 3)
Arguably the sexiest lip sync that came out of RuPaul’s Drag Race ever, Raja and Carmen served drag-queen foreplay realness with their lip sync of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up.” with an undeniable stage chemistry, they gave us this drag romance we never knew we needed. Raja stripped to her undies, while Carmen Carrera left nothing to the imagination. These queens totally went there!

There are lots of memorable lip syncs, but these are the most gag-worthy battles that we would want to watch whenever we hear the word “best.” What are your fave lip syncs from Rupaul’s Drag Race?

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