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Hot Stuff: Seize The Summer With An Amazing Smize With Careline's Newest Mascaras!

Hot Stuff: Seize The Summer With An Amazing Smize With Careline's Newest Mascaras!



While everybody loves heading to the beach, there may be a group that’s hesitant to hit the waves–makeup lovers! How to look your best on the beach without piling on a face of makeup? We have a tip: beautify your smize.

And all you need is Careline Go Big! and Go Long! Mascaras (P185 each.) These add more sizzle to your summer fresh look and won’t wash off even when you frolic in the sand, sun and sea.

Here’s why flaunting voluminous lashes is the way to go this summer:

1. Pair your sun-kissed radiance with beautiful peepers.  As you dress down to your bikini best, layer up your lashes for a more alluring gaze. Unlike a bright lipstick or blush (which may look odd on the beach), mascara offers a subtler, more natural touch to your beauty. You’ll still look amazing, but it’ll be harder for them to pinpoint exactly what’s making you stand out.

2. The eyes are the windows to the soul, so lash up to brighten your smize and make the connection.  With Careline Go Big! Mascara and its unique brush, each lash is evenly coated – from root to tip - to achieve that full, dramatic effect. As it builds volume, it also separates each lash for a more natural look.

3. Match your soft beach waves with beautifully curled lashes. Go Big! Mascara’s twisted bristle helps to further curl each lash, giving you amazing volume. Don’t be afraid to bat those eyes at the beach.

4. If you have stunted lashes, don’t worry as Careline Go Long! Mascara creates the impressive illusion of length. Fine and straight, the bristles of the Go Long! Mascara are proven to increase the appearance of lash volume and length. With this mascara, get the confidence to get closer to someone new this summer.

5. Go Long! Mascara also applies on smoothly as the formula is further improved to give you deep, dark definition. So there’s no need to worry about unsightly clumps!

This summer, still look your best even at the beach with Careline!

Careline Go Long! Mascara, P185

Careline Go Big! Mascara, P185

Careline Go Long! and Go Big! Mascaras are available in beauty counters nationwide.

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