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In Focus: Qualities Millennials Should Have To Maintain A Lasting Relationship

In Focus: Qualities Millennials Should Have To Maintain A Lasting Relationship



Today, a lot of millennials are putting love on the sideline as they fret over grooming themselves for successful careers. But that’s just one part of the story. Some have learned the ugly truth of failed relationships while movie or TV characters give them a mindset of what a partner should be like, pushing them to rewrite their preferences and stay single for a while and save the long-term relationships for later.

But, of course, there are chances that you will find someone you can truly connect with, and it's best not to let those people slip through your fingers easily. After all, those kindred spirits are rare and the opportunity to have them in your life should not be wasted. So what does it take to make it last considering that we live in an age of fleeting romances and a world with seemingly overwhelming paths? Here, we break down a few qualities that you and your S.O. should have to make sure that your connection would be more than just a fling.


1. Consistency

They say one is only at their best during the early stages of relationship, wooing the apple of their eyes with flowers and chocolates. But before we knew it, the sweet gestures are gone. Except that it shouldn’t be like that. Break that notion. Make it a point that you truly care about the person and that keeping the relationship healthy matters to you–no need for huge, elaborate acts because every little effort counts after all.


2. Openness to communication

Communication is every couple’s strongest foundation. It can get you two in tune, fix issues, and strengthen the bond. When misunderstandings get in the way, don’t let your pride deceive you. Better to wait until the heat subsides, then confront head-on as soon as possible. If you’re on the wrong, apologize. If the other expresses regret, learn to forgive. Save the relationship while it’s still worth saving even if it means you have to argue.


3. Respect for each other's individuality

It’s important that one recognize their partner’s freedom, privacy, and difference. Given that we are all passion-driven, it's important that we provide each other with a space for self-discovery and the time to grow apart and grow together. Remember: just because you’re together doesn't mean that their existence only revolves around you. 


4. Honesty and loyalty

Respecting privacy alone is not enough; it comes with staying true towards your partner. Know your limit. With all the available means to connect with somebody nowadays, the fear of being lied to or cheated on can eat us up. But there’s no reason to doubt as long as the other half is doing their part responsibly. It’s an unspoken chance to prove yourself and make your partner feel completely certain about you by initiating the "talk," updating them about your day, and just simply giving them a sense of security.


5. A sense of balance

It’s perfectly understandable to have dreams bigger than we are. At this age, we believe that there’s no better time than now to go chasing after it. But that doesn’t excuse you from giving your partner a cold shoulder because you’re too tied up picking goals over the other. Time is the greatest gift one could ever ask for, so even if your partner doesn't ask for much, quit assuming they're okay with the minimum attention. Find the balance between your passion and love life. Avoid taking them for granted and show that your imagined future involves them. Hit two birds with one stone, as the saying goes.


6. A fighting spirit

You don’t give up on the people you love. To keep the flame going takes a lot of hard work with the right person. It comes with no boundary–you just gotta do what you can do, give what you can give. When the situation gets difficult, don’t walk away and seek rebound. Remember what made you pursue this relationship then fight from there. Deal with arguments like a pillar that’ll make your love stronger. Struggling together is key to making your relationship an enduring one.


7. Humility and acceptance

None of us are perfect. We all have flaws, we make mistakes, and, sometimes, we have more differences than we initially thought. But if you truly love a person, you will accept them with a humble heart no matter what. There's no room for judgement, only kindness and willingness to work on yourselves together. Whether it's emotional baggage or failures that require forgiveness, being patient without any prejudice will surely make you each other's soulmates like no other.


How about you, what do you specifically look for in a partner? Keep your eyes open, “the one” might be closer to you than you think.

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