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Lifestyle Hotshots: These Sapiosexuals Dish On Impressing Smart, No-Nonsense Guys On The First Date

Lifestyle Hotshots: These Sapiosexuals Dish On Impressing Smart, No-Nonsense Guys On The First Date

You've impressed each other on social media and clicked after exchanging messages. Now comes the major step: The first date. Whether it's your first date ever or your nth first date (go, girl!), you can agree that it can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when going out with someone who can be your potential "special someone." Read on for these smooth first date advice from our #ABSCBNLifestyleHotshots!

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1. Relax, just be yourself.

Martin Javier: “In first dates, I think you can just be yourself; talk about yourself, cause that's how you know if your date can actually ride with your interests, jive with your personality, and stuff like that. So, you know right away, para wala ka nang paliguy-ligoy pa. No beating around the bush, para alam niya kaagad yung personality mo, ‘This is how I am, so what are you gonna do about it,’ parang ganon. So, just be yourself on the first date.”

Javi Cang: “Keep it real, and don't pretend to be someone that you're not, to impress somebody. Because, I think, at the end of the day, a guy will—for me, at least, a guy will go for a girl that shows her real self.”

Mauro Daez: “You don't need to impress that hard. If a guy really likes you just stay true to yourself, you don't need to fake or highlight particular aspects of yourself.”

DJ Perez: “Be yourself because you don’t want to pretend to be someone for someone to like you and in the process, you lose yourself. You want someone to fall for you, not someone you’re pretending to be. I guess that’s what counts.”

Jappy Agoncillo: “Really just be yourself as much as possible. Especially when you're dating the guys that are not basic. Guys in general get attracted to girls who are more honest, more open with the things they like. And when they aren't, they're not accepting the things you like, then they're not worth bothering with.”

James Lee: “Keep it natural and be honest. I think, it’s really hard to find people who are honest nowadays especially in the time of social media where you can always put a twist in the things that you do and in your life. I think it’s good to be honest during the first date, so you don’t waste each other’s time.” 

Arthur Tselichev: “Be natural for the first date. If it’s a regular relationship, be loyal because if you decided to move on with someone, it’s just so right to be loyal.”

2. Don’t be too pakipot. 

Miguel Aytona: “Don't let the guy have a hard time. I mean, give him easy clues. If you like him, then show him that you like him! Don't be pabebe."

3. Stop using your phone.

LA Aguinaldo: “Don’t touch your phone while on a date, cause, you know, that’s rude, number one; plus, when you’re with another person, you wanna give your whole time with that person. And, you know, I think touching your phone or looking at your phone is pretty rude; and can send the wrong message even if you don’t mean it.”

4. Try to get to know us more.

Jay Avellana: “Give guys a chance. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Men’s biggest fear is being rejected. To this day, I still think that.”

Chris Lopez: "Try and have fun. Try to see the good in whoever you’re with and don’t force it.” 

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