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Lifestyle Hotshots: Tech Geeks Can Be Sexy Too—And This Cycling Instructor Proves Just That!

Lifestyle Hotshots: Tech Geeks Can Be Sexy Too—And This Cycling Instructor Proves Just That!

To this day, society seems to have a set of stereotypes on tech geeks. Most people find them super smart yet unattractive, shy, and socially awkward. Ride Revolution instructor Jay Avellana is here to break such notions. Having been aware of the problems of the Philippines, our Lifestyle Hotshot entered the advertising and tech industry, looking to come up with solutions that would make the country a better place to live in. This ‘woke’ hottie will not only charm you with his smarts and his love for history and the future, but also his good looks, toned physique, and captivating smile!

On a scale of one to ten, how much of a geek are you?
“I’d say nine but it depends on what kind of stuff I get myself into. I do read a lot but I’m not a fiction fan. I’m more non-fiction. I do like adventure and sci-fi, but I leave that to the movies. For reading material, I stick to the real stuff. Pretty much business books."

What’s your favorite book?
Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk. Taking it from the title, it’s about getting the most and making the most out of what you can. All of the tools, especially in our generation, are within our reach so it’s up to us on how to maximize and get yourself out there. He talks about not thinking about money, not thinking about the dollars you’re gonna make, more about bringing value.”

What sparked your interest in the things you’re doing now?
“We are living in a third world country and I see that as an opportunity. You see the transport system: it’s very, very bad. You see our banking system: it’s very, very bad. Our telcos, we could be better. We could do better and everyone knows that. So I see the pain points everyone is going through in their everyday life and I’m here to think of those solutions that would make more sense for them because right now, we are living in a city, or in a society, where we work for the city or we work for the society. In the ideal setting, especially in first world countries, you see that the city works for the society or you see that the city works for you because it just makes sense. You’re able to ride the mass transport system freely with no problem, with ease. Internet is very fast. Productivity is at its highest and there’s no traffic. If ever, it’s very minimal. Imagine, everything that we want is a total opposite here in the Philippines. That’s where I see the opportunity and that’s what sparks my interest—seeing how we can make everything fit.”

Who’s your role model in the industry?
“Jack Ma of Alibaba. His mindset of expansion globally is remarkable and from the outside world, it may seem that that’s his goal but not really. You know what I mean? Just like Gary V., it’s more about bringing value and that’s what he’s really focused on – giving access to as much people as he can, as fast as he can, touching lives, and delivering right then and there.”

How do you use your smarts to your advantage career-wise?
“I see myself as a human being as well. I do have my weaknesses but I look at it from a different perspective. I just focus on my strengths, creativity, being able to explore so many ideas that would help speed up processes, whether it’s tech related or just simple solution setting.”

Name your favorite movie!
Back To The Future. It’s a trilogy. The first movie was he time-traveled to the past in the 50s, second was he time-traveled to the future, third was he time-traveled all the way back to the 1800s. I’m a history freak and I do love anything related to World War I, World War II—not the idea of war, but you know what I mean. The historical events that happened: those things really fascinate me. On the flip side, anything related to the future fascinates me. At a young age, at that time, wow, it was really a great feeling to be able to see things in the past and things in the future. You see hoverboards happening during the 80s in the movie but they’re still experimenting on those.”

Your favorite band?
“Dave Matthews Band. 41 is their best song. I’m very fond of music and if you take a look at some bands, they’re usually a three or four man band. But these guys, they have people doing different kinds of percussions. So if you watch them live, they’re amazing. They incorporate alternative. Not so much on the rock part but more alternative music and I do have a heart for jazz so once I hear those tones, that’s amazing.”

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Do you also play instruments?
“I do. I play the guitar. I do play the piano but I can’t read the notes. I just play by ear.”

What’s your guilty pleasure?
“Fruits. I get as much as I can get. If we change it, anything related to the beach. As much as I can, I hit the beach.”

In terms of catching a girl’s eye, do you think smart guys have the advantage over sporty guys?
“Yes because the sporty guys have their physique but then they may be missing one valuable thing that girls find really attractive—charm. Being able to charm. That’s very, very valuable.”

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Produced by Camille Santiago | Creative direction by Barry Viloria | Photographs by Vyn Radovan | Styling by Gelie Manansala | Grooming by Angelito Panganiban of MDA | Hair by Darwin Galit of Vivere Salon | Shot on location at: Chaos, City of Dreams Manila, Pasay City | Special thanks to: Charisse Chuidian, Romina Gervacio, and Fran Arias of City of Dreams | Melanie Acedillo of MDA | Glaiza Agbayani of R2 Group of Companies | Banner image by Lui Jimenez




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