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In Focus: Why Riverdale's Cheryl Blossom Breaks Character Stereotypes

In Focus: Why Riverdale's Cheryl Blossom Breaks Character Stereotypes



As we all know, the characters of our all-time favorite Netflix series Riverdale are based on the characters in the Archie Comics, including our alluring heroine Cheryl Blossom. She’s actually meant to be Archie’s new love interest, adding up to Betty and Veronica’s war for Archie’s love before she was taken out because she was deemed as “too hot to handle” for a children’s comic.

With her gorgeous red hair, stylish clothes, branded bags, and smoking red lips, Cheryl embodies every awkward teenager’s worst enemy… or so we thought. Cheryl Blossom, played by actress Madelaine Petsch, is more than your typical teen drama queen bee as she breaks the classic mean girl archetype in an impressive way. And we just can’t help but feel pleased that finally there’s a new “mean girl” in town who defied character stereotypes! Here's why: 

1. She’s an independent alpha woman.

She’s not your superficial catty young woman who only view other people as the perfect object to use for public humiliation. We admit that she does that every now and then, since being a bully has become her defense mechanism because of her parents’ lack of affection, but Cheryl knows when and how to stop. Aside from being the leader of River Vixens (Riverdale High School’s cheerleading squad), Cheryl is smart, fearless, and independent. She might be your resident mean girl, but she's got standards. And she’s not about to lower them down for anyone, not even her parents.


2. She’s a flawed young woman with good intentions.

What we love most about Cheryl is that she owns up to her mistakes and is not afraid to apologize. An example is when she slapped Jughead because she thought Jughead’s dad FP Jones was the one who killed Jason Blossom. And when the truth came out, Cheryl apologized to everyone she had hurt, including Jughead. She gave him her most prized possession, her signature spider brooch, and helped to get FP Jones out of prison.

3. She would do everything to protect the people she cares for.

At the beginning of Riverdale, all Cheryl did was help everyone mourn from her twin brother’s death. She might not be the best of friends with Betty and Veronica and she had already done awful things to ruin their friendship. When in all honesty, she doesn’t know how to be a part of their group of friends without showing her insecurities. But when she knows that they need her to be their friend, she would defy anyone to help those two. Another example is when she found out that Polly's pregnant with twins, her well-wishes were genuine that she even protected Polly from her oddly selfish parents. She’s absolutely not a cold-hearted girl!

4. She’s more into girls than boys.

As she shared in the latest episodes that her mother has been disapproving her relationships with other women, it has been confirmed that she’s more into girls! We thanked the writers of Riverdale for writing Cheryl Blossom’s character different from her comic book character. In the series, Cheryl is a character free of complicated comic book love triangles that even though she likes Archie, she’s not as interested as Betty and Veronica. Still, our favorite redhead has found her way into one of the show’s most romantic relationships as she started dating Northside’s resident cool girl Toni Topaz. And now, after noticing that she has gotten closer to Toni, her mother brought her to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, where Toni rescued her from and shared their first kiss! We’re excited to see how their relationship is going to blossom in the next episodes!

5. She comes from a sad and broken place, but she remains strong. 

She shields her sadness with sarcasm and bitterness. It’s already given that every character in Riverdale is multi-faceted, but, for us, Cheryl Blossom is the character who experienced the most emotional and mental chaos than any other character in the series. In every challenge she gets involved into, she bounces back stronger than she was before. She's absolutely more than the popular, rich, and manipulative girl we’ve expected after watching the series.


Cheryl Blossom is the perfect representation of a multi-faceted character that we thought we would hate, but can’t. Behind her confident façade is a helpless girl who just wants to be loved and appreciated. Kudos to the writers of Riverdale for breaking the “mean girl” stereotype!

What’s your favorite Cheryl Blossom moment in Riverdale? Let us know in the comments down below!

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