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In Focus: 5 Things Every K-BBQ Addict Can Relate To

In Focus: 5 Things Every K-BBQ Addict Can Relate To



Other than the fact that our country is currently inhabited by a huge number of Koreans, seeing them literally everywhere, one of the most talked about food trends nowadays is K-BBQ–grilled meat, either pork or beef, which we can cook, DIY style. Lots of restaurants offering unli K-BBQ start popping out all over metro, which, much to our delight, satisfy our cravings!

And because of this, many of us have already fallen in love with this cuisine! Here are some of the things we can relate to when talking about K-BBQ:

1. We’ve become more patient despite being #hangry. Ever since it became a big hit in the food industry, getting our K-BBQ fix oftentimes meant falling in line in long queues even if there are a bunch of restaurants out there. And even we're already on our table, we still have to wait for our meat to cook! Lucky for us, we can always munch on the side dishes first!

2. We don’t care if we smell like grilled meat after dining. Sometimes, smelling like grilled meat is not as good as just eating it–the scent of smoke in our clothes can be a little annoying. But after filling ourselves with some yummy K-BBQ, even if the smell sticks for a short while, who cares right?

3. We consider K-BBQ as our comfort food. Our love for food always comes in handy after going through a rough day. And for us who’s fond of K-BBQ, it has already become our comfort food whenever we feel down–it can instantly turn our moods around and cheer us up.

4. We’re willing to spend 300 pesos or more for a meal out. If we’re avid fans of unli K-BBQ, our wallets might be otherwise because the price usually ranges from 300 pesos to 600 pesos. And since great food sometimes doesn’t come cheap anyway, we surely know how K-BBQ is oh so worth it. *wink*

5. We wonder when’s our next unli K-BBQ going to be. Even if we literally just stepped out of the restaurant, sometimes we can’t help but wonder when we’re going to have another piece of some K-BBQ goodness again. We even make sure to put our next samgyup date with our friends!

Are your tummies grumbling yet? Where's your favorite K-BBQ destination?

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