Exploring Dapitan Arcade: Dress up your Dining Area

Exploring Dapitan Arcade: Dress up your Dining Area

There are many ways you can spice up your dining area and make it fun not just for your family, but also to your visitors as well. The best part? It need not be an expensive task, especially if you go to places like Dapitan Arcade.

Aside from being like Divisoria or Cubao Expo for selling items cheaper than major department stores, Dapitan Arcade is also a good place to find unique accessories for your dining area catering to all ages.

During a visit on October 10, Dapitan Arcade was bustling full of people, as they shop around not just for home décor, but also gift ideas for the coming holidays.

While roaming around, I found these home accessories to be interesting, and that they are affordable in terms of pricing as well. In fact, they can be cheaper depending on your haggling skills.

For this article, I focus on the interesting finds you can add to spice up your kitchen and dining area. Here are my top picks:

1) Surprise your friends with these porcelain cupcakes.

Available in various sizes, these porcelain cupcakes make a great décor idea for the dining table. Spend a little extra for the holders to have a nice place to display them (or save some money by using a cake holder instead!). Children (and the children-at-heart) will love these!

Imagine at the possible reactions when your loved ones and friends see this before they sit down at your dining table and have lunch or dinner with you.

Price(s): Cupcakes: Php 50 (small), Php 150 (big); Holder: Php 120 (small), Php 350 (big)

2) Have these halloween-themed candy jars handy for those trick-or treat sessions.

These jars are a must-have for any dining area, whether you would store candy, cookies, or any other food item. With their ghost shape (with a matching “witch’s brew” sign), these jars are prefect for Halloween, especially for trick-or-treat sessions with the kids.

Price: Php 250

3) Decorate your dining table with this cute miniature tea set.

Just like the porcelain cupcakes earlier, this miniature tea set is just too cute to be left unnoticed. You got to love the gold detailing and the Christmas-themed design they have. These may look like more of a decorative piece, but you could actually use them for a tea party with your amigas.

Price: Php 600 (for the whole set)

4) Make your drinks stand out with this glass barrel.

Normally, when we talk about barrels and kegs, these are usually made of wood or aluminum. Seeing a glass barrel is something we normally do not encounter every day, so this particular item caught my attention, where it is being sold alongside mason jars of various sizes and colors. 

Whether you will use it to store ice tea or your favorite cocktail, this glass barrel adds sophistication in terms of how you present your drinks during parties, and will definitely be an eye-catcher to your visitors.

Price: Php 1400

5) Complement your glass barrel with these mason jars.

Mason jars have been popular with people lately, and they have a variety of uses from storing food items, for gift packaging, to simply as a drinking glass. It definitely does not harm to have several of these jars at home. After all, their purpose is beyond the dining table, and they do complement that glass barrel too.

Price: Php 50 to 80, depending on the color and size (metal lid included)



Just like Divisoria and Cubao Expo, Dapitan Arcade has several unique finds in store, and this is just a few that caught my attention. Who knows, they might have some accessories that can help you make your house stand out during the holidays.

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