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#ChalkAsks: EXO-Ls Share Their Stories Of How They Bought Their 'ElyXiOn' Tickets

#ChalkAsks: EXO-Ls Share Their Stories Of How They Bought Their 'ElyXiOn' Tickets



Making their third comeback here in Manila, the multi-award winning South Korean boy group EXO is bringing their world tour The ElyXion at the SM Mall of Asia Arena this coming April 28! As soon as PULP Live World announced the official selling date of the tour, fans immediately started planning how they're going to score these must-have tickets before they sell out!

Aside from saving money, the real struggle was actually trying to get tickets without any complications! The official date of ticket-selling was on March 4, but fans already started lining up on March 3 in all SM ticket outlets. It was around 6pm when PULP Live World’s Happee Sy announced through Twitter that the tickets were already sold out!

Scoring a ticket is absolutely a challenge to most fans as some camped outside of malls, while others made sure that their laptop won’t lag when they enter the site. To show you the efforts the EXO-Ls did to get not only their tickets but also their desired seats—we asked them to share their stories.

"It was my first time to spend overnight to purchase a ticket. Around four in the afternoon, I rushed to SM Aura to fall in line for the 'ElyXion' in Manila ticket selling. I was really anxious because there were queues in other branches since March 2—especially in Mall of Asia. I waited outside SM Aura overnight, made new fandom friends and eventually got a ticket. I was 4th in line in the cinema queue and still didn’t get the ticket I wanted, but I got a ticket after 20 hours of waiting. I did all of that for the love of EXO." —@KyungsooMyBoo, 24

"When I was on my way to SM Sta. Rosa, I was really panicking and trembling because my friend told me that there were already a lot of people lining up outside. Around 8 am, the staff at SM Sta. Rosa distributed queue numbers so that the line would be organized. And it was 12 noon when the security guard started to call out the first 20 people, I felt a bit disappointed because I wasn’t included since I was 26th in line. In the middle of falling in line, my heart literally sank when their server was not displaying any available seats. Fortunately, Happee Sy announced that we should wait because the ticket selling was on-hold because she was opening more slots which made me happy. When I got my ticket, I jumped for joy because finally I am going to see them again. It doesn’t even matter which seat or section you are occupying as long as you are being one with them." —@annyeongchinita, 19

"For ElyXion in Manila, my friends and I thought that it would be best to buy our tickets at an SM branch not known to many since it's expected that the other branches located at the heart of NCR would be congested with other EXO-Ls. With that, we opted to buy at SM Muntinlupa. Since my home is only a 5-minute walk from SM Munti, I checked if there was a queue forming at said branch every 3 hours or so on March 3rd. When my friends arrived at around 6 pm, there still wasn't a line of EXO-Ls, so we got complacent and hung out at my house to pass the time. At 10 pm, we went back to SM Munti to check and there were already EXO-Ls in line. As EXO-Ls arrived one by one, my friends and I wanted to assure that there wouldn't be anyone cutting in line, so we established a system where we number every arriving EXO-L and took down their names even before official queuing numbers were given. In the end, even though we camped out and were 5th in line, we weren't able to get our desired seats. I actually cried because of that, but I realized that we were already very blessed to even get tickets and watch EXO for the third time." —@dyotaime, 21

"I already got my queueing number on the night before the ticketing date, and I was 8th in line. My cousin and I went back to SM Naga before 5 am, and met up with our fandom friends. At 7 am, the line started to get longer. We found out that there were also EXO-Ls lining up at the parking lot because that's nearer to the counter even though they didn't have queued numbers! We thought it was unfair, especially to those who camped out the night before. Some even forced to cut in line. When the ticketing started, I was profusely sweating. VIP tickets were the first one to be announced as sold out. And I thought that was okay, since our plan is to purchase Gen Ad. But when the lady in the counter announced that it was sold out, too, we started crying! Still, I purchased a UB ticket for my friend who wasn’t able to go with us. We stayed up until 5 pm, hoping to get Gen. Ad seats, but we didn't get any. I was really heart broken that day that I cried myself to sleep. After a few weeks, my friend told me that she couldn't go to the concert because of her summer class. Luckily, someone gave me money to purchase the ticket, and I was able to buy my friend's ticket. Now, we're very excited for the concert!" —@ohhanna_dul_set, 20

"It was around 1 pm on March 3 that we started camping outside MOA Arena since the start of the ticket selling was on March 4. But before I left, I told my Mom about my plan to camp out. Before noon, I asked my Mom if she could try to buy me a ticket and she said my cousin was already there. In just a span of 30 minutes, we're already hearing updates that the tickets were already sold out from the other EXO-Ls. That's when I started to lose hope, since I'm in third batch. Luckily, my Mom messaged me with a picture of the ticket. Even though camping out was a waste, I'm still thankful I got a ticket. " —@Eggandbaecon, 21

"My friends and I bought a ticket online! We had a sleepover where we're all anticipating the release of tickets. It was super fun, but nerve wrecking at the same time since we were scared that we won't be able to score a ticket. Luckily, we did! It's funny because we were like in Miss Universe because we were waiting for our friend to tell us that she got in the site and got a voucher. And yeah, I’m super excited for the concert! I’m really looking forward to see EXO especially Junmyeon!" —@romyeonx, 23

"I went to MOA Arena 28 hours before the official ticketing. When I got there the line was long already and if I remember correctly my queueing number was already at 114. It's a hassle because we needed to battle through the intense heat while waiting, make quick food breaks, etc. Doing this with fellow EXO-Ls made us closer! I've made friends with a lot of the people in front and behind me in the line and even went for a walk at dusk. When the clock strikes 12 pm, everyone went screaming because they're excited to buy a ticket and worried that they might not be able to get their preferred area or even get one. 1 hour had passed and the server crashed, which made hundreds of EXO-Ls crying because they lost hope already. I waited until there's a VIP standing ticket to open, the tellers kept refreshing and refreshing. By the time I was able to get a ticket, it was already 3pm. It was unfortunate that I wasn't able to buy 3 Gen. Ad ticket for my friends though." —@mglncrncn, 20

There’s no doubt that this fandom would do everything just to see EXO and show their support that scoring a ticket just to see them for one night has already become a fulfilling moment. The never-ending love and support that EXO-Ls give EXO is something that makes the group more hardworking and committed in achieving their dreams, making the fandom proud and happy. This fandom’s dedication is what binds them together, and it’s something that not even time nor money can break. EXO-Ls, fighting!

What’s your ElyXion ticket story? Let us know!

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