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Hot Stuff: 'Riverdale' Star Cole Sprouse Talks Jeepney Rides And His Now Famous White Tank Top

Hot Stuff: 'Riverdale' Star Cole Sprouse Talks Jeepney Rides And His Now Famous White Tank Top



Everyone's favorite Riverdale star Cole Sprouse blew up our social media feeds as soon as he landed in Manila last Wednesday, April 18. Brought to our humble shores by a homegrown fashion brand for a fan meeting, Cole, widely swooned over for his character Jughead Jones, surely pumped up the already fiery climate here in Manila!

Yesterday, the actor-photographer went viral on the Internet as he was captured walking around various spots around the city. During his press conference today at the Makati Shangri-La where we got to see him up close (yup, we just had to say that *wink*) hours before his Fun Meet, Cole shared the full-on local experience he just enjoyed a day prior. Apparently, he rode the back of a jeepney because he just felt like his trip to the PH wouldn't be complete without doing so! Well, you really couldn't get any more local than that!

If you've seen the photos and videos of Cole during his adventures in the streets of Manila, then you'd know that he was distinctly wearing a white tank top. The American cutie recalled, "We traveled around the city yesterday, and that's when I realized that wearing a white tank top is not something that most people do here as they walk around the city because everyone commented on the tank top." We don't know about you, but we'd be floored just as well if we see that hot stuff walking around in a skin-tight shirt in the flesh!

Staying true to his very local itinerary, Cole was also seen in areas like Divisoria and Poblacion. This is probably how he attested to the authentic Filipino hospitality! He shared, "The Philippines is extremely warm. Everywhere I walked, we were greeted with a kind of warmth and hospitality that we hope for as someone who travels. You kind of get lucky when you walk into it, mixed with the amazing food and warm weather, and the tank top." Well, in that case, we'd happily adopt you, Burger Boy!

We sure hope we won't see the last of Cole here in Manila! Is everyone still breathing? ;)

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Photos by Kim Wee-Ebol




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