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The Six Fix: Essentials You Need To Stash In Your Travel Backpack

The Six Fix: Essentials You Need To Stash In Your Travel Backpack


This season is all about satisfying our wanderlust. And if you've already got your trips planned and booked, stocking your bag with the right essentials is the next thing you need to tick off from your to-do list. Here, we listed a few must-haves down that will make your travels hassle-free and extra memorable. Make sure you don't forget anything!

1. Sun protection to keep your skin healthy

First things first–if you're going on a day trip to the beach or a trek up the mountains, having sun protection is a must. We felt like jumping for joy when we found out that cult beauty brand Biore released their range of body sunscreens, so go ahead and get yourself their UV Body Care Serum Extra Moist for added hydrating benefits. Your skin will thank you for it!

2. A camera to capture your best travel moments

Mirrorless cameras are all the rage these days. And if you're looking to own one, we suggest you cop the new Canon EOS M50. This 24.1-mega pixel camera will surely capture crystal clear photos which you can easily upload on social media using its on-the-go sharing feature. Get your travel hashtags ready because you wouldn't be able to resist posting your superb snaps on Instagram ASAP!

3. A durable pair of sandals

Sanuk is finally back in Manila! Thank heavens because their comfy and sustainable sandals are exactly what our inner nature-loving traveler needs! These steppers are durable and easy to pack, making them the perfect go-to footwear wherever you're off to. Plus, their current #SmilePassItOn campaign just gives this season that essential boost of good vibes!

4. An anti-perspirant to keep you feeling fresh all day

Going around under the heat can be a hassle hygiene-wise. So make sure to pack your toiletries including a deo that won't just keep you fresh all day but will also make you feel confident in your tank tops and swimsuits. Kojie San's Sleeveless-Ready deos are your new best friend especially if you've always felt like you need to hide your underarms away. Well, now you can be as carefree in the sun as much as you want!

5. Activewear that works in and out of the water

If you're an all-around outdoor person, then activewear must be on top of your wardrobe staples. And how cool would it be if you've got a piece that you can wear in and out of the water? Good thing Speedo's got you covered. Their new H2O Active line is perfect for any water and land-based activities, so you can easily go from hiking up to trail that leads to a stream or waterfalls. No need for an outfit change!

6. Snacks to get you energized whenever, wherever

Whether you're in transit or you missed the free breakfast at the hostel you're staying in, having a packed snack can certainly go a long way. UK-produced belVita Breakfast Biscuits just launched here in the Philippines, and we're definitely hoarding boxes of these munchies! Made with whole grain cereals, these flavored biscuits will save your tummies from grumbling during your trip!

Now, you and your travel bag are all set! Go forth and see the world, wildlings!

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