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In Focus: Every College Student Needs To Be Visited By These Stress-Relieving Doggos!

In Focus: Every College Student Needs To Be Visited By These Stress-Relieving Doggos!



Surviving the academic life consistently entails dealing with a great deal of pressure and stress. Nearly everyone has cope with this struggle, but when you're constantly surrounded by a very demanding environment like school, enough of it can actually trigger mental health problems like depression. College life has already claimed enough "shooting stars" as it is for us to just continue turning a blind eye and normalizing stress in school.

If you think college was taxing enough as it is, imagine the stress levels when you're required to read seven cases in one night for a recitation the next day—and that's just one subject! It's an established fact that enduring law school entails a very demanding lifestyle but that doesn't mean that there's nothing anyone can do about it.

The UST Civil Law Student Council invited "ambassadogs" T-Bone, Kimchi, and Ginger, three good doggos who were adopted by CARA Welfare Philippines, to visit and lighten up the atmosphere during their college week last Wednesday, April 11. In line with CLSC's support to CARA Welfare Philippines' cause, they allowed the organization to conduct a talk to share their mission and vision with the students of the Faculty of Civil Law. 

"This was supposed to be a part of our Wellness Day project in cooperation with the UST Health Service to promote mental health awareness to Civil Law Students," said CLSC President Jonathan Santos who credited the idea to then Student’s Rights and Welfare (STRAW) Committee Director Ren Concha. "Days passed by and we had difficulty with some permits. But finally, we decided to have it in our college week."

As expected, their three visitors were not just welcomed with open arms and belly rubs from law students but were also fawned over by students and employees from different colleges around the campus as well. T-Bone, Kimchi, and Ginger were a huge hit among Thomasians as well as outside universities! "We had one simple goal and that is to bring them to Civil Law for the law students," shared Jonathan. "However, we couldn’t help but open it to everyone."

It would be an understatement to say that the project was a huge success. The UST Civil Law Student Council expressed their contentment in bringing joy to the law students and students beyond their faculty through the "ambassadogs" who have surely filled their fans with happiness that could last a while!

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Photography by Ellis Lagasca




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