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Lifestyle Hotshots: This Hunky Painter Colored Us 'Kilig' Over His Art And (Sex) Appeal!

Lifestyle Hotshots: This Hunky Painter Colored Us 'Kilig' Over His Art And (Sex) Appeal!

At a young age, Jappy Agoncillo already got himself hooked on anything connected to visual creativity—movies, comic books, TV shows, and cartoons. His love for drawing grew stronger each day, evident in how he studied Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas in college. While it’s his passion, this hottie later quit it as his course. He then took up Legal Management at De La Salle University, and decided to make way for art only in his free time. This, however, only fueled his creative fire as he eventually found his art career going up, moving him to pursue it again. Inspired by Picasso, Jappy is now a professional artist who performs live art, gives art talks, creates sticker art, and makes street art around the metro. He’s so good, you can even see some of his works in New York and California!

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a geek/nerd are you?
"Maybe 7 or 8."

What sparked your interest in the particular field you are in right now?
"I was always into movies and comic books as a kid. TV shows, cartoons. I guess in that way, I was always interested in art. So, I grew up drawing talaga."

Who's your role model in your industry, and why?
"I like Picasso. Because he started in such a young age, and he had so much wisdom about art, that really shows people that you get results if you really try."

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How do you use you smarts to your advantage career-wise?
"I guess, especially in my career, as a freelancer I deal with a lot of clients, a lot of businesses, a lot of owners. So, I graduated from a business school, from DLSU, so I guess I use that advantage na I can negotiate, I know the inner workings of a company, managerial roles. More or less, I know how to talk to them in a more business-y type of way."

Name your favorite book.
"My favorite book is Fight Club (by Chuck Palahniuk). I think it's my favorite because it's one of those first books I got into reading in high school. It's one of the first books that's so different in style, that it really challenges you to think differently, it challenges you to think more creatively. Because when you read books as a kid in high school, they're almost all the same. More or less like Twilight, Harry Potter, that stuff are written the same way for the same audience. But Fight Club was more mature and the style was very in-your-face. So, it really challenge me to be a more creative, different person. The book is better than the movie."

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Name your favorite movie.
"My favorite movie is the Shawshank Redemption. It's my favorite because I think the story was so interesting, and it was so different also. It keeps you interested, even though the story isn't one cohesive plotline, it's really just events of someone's life. And then, you're still interested, like you wanna relate to him, you're cheering for the hero, even though they're in prison. They're all criminals, you still think them as a hero. That's what I like."

How about your favorite band?
"That's hard. I guess, Guns N' Roses, maybe. I think it's my favorite band because I grew up with a lot of music because of School of Rock. After I watched School of Rock, that's when I got into music, and the band that I really enjoyed listening to was Guns N' Roses. And I was like in Grade 5 or Grade 4 when School of Rock came out. And when you're in grade school, you're really interested in what you like, diba? You're obsessed with everything that you like. So, for the next 5 years, that's all I listen to. My favortie song from them is "November Rain." It's eight minutes long, 2 guitar solos. I think it's my favorite because it's that long."

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What's your guilty pleasure?
"Romantic comedies. I love RomComs!"

What's your favorite RomCom?
"It's either When Harry Met Sally or You've Got Mail. I love those."

In terms of catching a girl's eye, do smart guys have the advantage over sporty guys?
"I'd say that it's a 50/50 thing. Not really that sporty guys have the advantage, or smart guys have the advantage. It depends really on how you use those things to your advantage. Not just because you're smart, or sporty, it means you have the upper hand."

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