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In Focus: 5 Reasons Why We Stay In A Job We Don't Love

In Focus: 5 Reasons Why We Stay In A Job We Don't Love



It’s perfectly normal to land in a job that isn’t perfect or not the best one for you–and lucky are those who don’t belong in this group. At one time or another, we’ve all been through this phase–working nine hours a day just because we have to and not because we really wanted to. And despite all pieces of advice given to us to choose happiness over a job that isn’t right for us, we still lack the willingness to leave. And why is that? Various reasons apply to different people, but here are the most common reasons why we continue to do the job we don’t love:

1. Great compensation

It’s not easy to find a job that offers good pay alongside great benefits. One most significant factor we all look for is the compensation package the company gives its employees. But never give up, continue to hunt for that ideal job of yours – something you’ll love which offers a great deal, too!

2. Flexible working schedule

Another good thing a company can grant us is a not-so-demanding work schedule. You don't even have to work overtime, and filing leaves is easy. However, please bear in mind that proper time management is sometimes the key to a flexible schedule–you’d still find something else that won’t get in the way of your social life and personal time as long as you know how to be efficient during your work hours.

3. Colleagues turned friends

Finding good friends in the real world can be a little hard since getting along with people coming from different backgrounds is never easy. If we’re blessed with colleagues worth sharing friendship with, then we should absolutely cherish it.  However, there's no need to let your friends hold you back because real, strong connections will never fade no matter where your dreams take you.

4. Good reputation of the company

Working for an organization that that is well-recognized in the industry for its excellent image is something we all wish for. But always remember, each company is unique with its own strong points. Even if you leave a prestigious company, you will find where you belong as long as you follow your real passions, and that's more than worth it.

5. "A not-so-great job is better than no job at all."

Money is essential in our daily grind especially if we no longer want to turn to our parents for our personal needs. Because of this, practicality can be our top priority. Yup, taking a risk might be scary, but settling for a job we don't feel passionate about musn't be our top option. With the right mindset and a determined attitude, we should always push ourselves to our boundaries and aim to be the person we've always dreamed of becoming.

Even if there are some reasons that hold us back from leaving our current jobs, we should always remember that this can’t last forever. Just because staying is more practical, it doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it anymore. Thousands of opportunities out there waiting for us. Let us not forget that we should work to live, not live to work! 

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