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Cheat Sheet: Heartbroken? Here’s What You Need To Make That #StartingOverAgain Project Happen!

Cheat Sheet: Heartbroken? Here’s What You Need To Make That #StartingOverAgain Project Happen!

Mahirap bitawan ang nakasanayan. Those early morning messages, late night talks about your dreams, random road trips to wherever—he’s been part of your normal routine for so long. But if ‘the one that got away’ is serious about exploring the world without you, so be it. It takes guts and effort to let go and start over again. And we’re here to help you bring that strong, independent woman back.

Embrace the pain. Remember what went down in your relationship. Relive the moment you said goodbye. Replay all the hurtful words you both said and let them sink in. If you want, listen to Moira’s hugot songs to double the feels while playing that scenario in your head. Sounds masochistic? Maybe. But the pain will let you accept the finality of your love story—and you need that to begin a new chapter in your life without him.

Remove all his traces from your life. The gifts, photos, letters, and even his scent that still lingers on your pillow—get rid of everything that will trigger old memories, be it good or bad. You’re still mending the heart he has broken. Trust us, letting go will be easier when you literally have nothing to hold on to.

Stay out of social media for a while. Stalking he-who-must-not-be-named online to know how he’s doing or who he’s currently seeing? That’s like a knee-jerk reaction to the first few days (or even weeks) after a breakup. But you should know by now that obsessing over his whereabouts is downright unhealthy. So stop torturing yourself and block him. Better yet, cut yourself from social media for a while. That way you can also avoid seeing updates related to him posted by your common online friends. Drastic times call for drastic measures. You can do it.

Try something new. You’ve been stuck in the same old habit with one person. And now that he’s gone, you have a strong reason to break that cycle and try new things. Enjoy some time off and go someplace unfamiliar. Make new friends. Get busy with different passion projects.  Experiment with your style. Sport a new cut. Break up with your old beauty products and move on with the ones that will love you better. Because even if you think it’s working, it’s not. You’re just used to it. Never settle for anything less. Think of it as a lesson from your failed relationship.

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Mahirap bitawan ang nakasanayanpero kailangan. Especially when it starts to suck the happiness out of you. Breakups aren’t easy. Moving on? More so. But as they say, what doesn’t kill you make you stronger. And once you get the courage to let go, the thought of starting over again won’t scare you anymore.

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