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Lifestyle Hotshots: LA Aguinaldo Proves That Smart And Nice Guys Aren't Just Found In Fanfics!

Lifestyle Hotshots: LA Aguinaldo Proves That Smart And Nice Guys Aren't Just Found In Fanfics!

By Nick Bautista

You've probably been living under a rock if you say you've never heard of the name LA Aguinaldo. How could you not? This Boy Wonder's everywhere—he has a billboard, he's in the magazines, on the catwalks, and on your feed interviewing Hollywood celebrities or traveling the world. But LA isn't just another super pogi model, he's a nice, smart, and insightful young lad who could hold up a conversation for house! Read on to learn more about this social media sensation.

On a scale of 1-10, how much of a geek/nerd are you?
"10. I like Stranger Things. I like Funko Pops. I like cameras. I like video games, Super Smash Brothers. That’s mostly what I geek about."

What sparked your interest in the particular field you are in right now?
"Well, I was really shy, starting even way before, when I was younger. In a way, modeling kinda brought out that side of me I’ve never seen before, or side of me I could be. It taught me how to be more confident, more outgoing. At the same time, not to be shy about what I have: the talents that I have, the skills that I have. And, at the end of the day, it’s something you wanna share to the world as well."

Who’s your role model in your industry and why?
"In the industry, I really like the work ethic — in terms of vlogging - of Casey Neistat. Cause he’s [a] very hardworking guy, and he actually built an empire just through vlogging. Also Sam Kolder, he’s a travel lifestyle vlogger, as well, and he’s very hard working. Though he travels around the world, he does really push out quality content that people do enjoy. And then, of course, siguro one of the wave-makers talaga is Wil Dasovich, I would say. He inspires a lot of people through his videos. And you know, he really showed that—through hard work, through doing this every day, through dedication, and putting your future in your hands—you can accomplish a lot of things. I have mad respect for Wil. I’m so happy that he’s better now—back and just living life to the fullest."

How do you use your smarts to your advantage career wise?

"I always just felt what was the right thing to do, or what’s the right thing to do—that’s what I really lean towards to.In any decision naman, of course you’ll put, like, your wisdom on it. But iba pa rin yung if the feeling is right. Like, it has to feel right. Cause when it feels right, you feel good; and when you feel good, you feel happy."

Name your favorite book and say why.
"I just finished a book called Steal Like an Artist. Basically it’s just a book that tells you to get inspiration from everywhere but make it your own. It’s saying the world is this one place where we can just share all this knowledge. At the end of the day, no one’s gonna be the same, let’s say, Einstein; or the same, let’s say an artist like Kanye West. Yeah, people can copy him, but he’s a bad copy. Other people can steal from his inspirations, steal from his ideas and make it their own, you know. So yeah, probably that one."

Name your favorite movie!
"Life is Beautiful. [It] teaches you a lot of lessons, and to always look at the positive side of everything."

Your favorite band?
"IV of Spades because their sound is really good, and I like their style. They’re fly."

What’s your guilty pleasure?
"My guilty pleasure is coffee."

In terms of catching a girl’s eye, do smart guys have advantage over sporty guys?
"I think smart guys, you know, they have an advantage; but if they can overcome the first step which is actually starting the conversation with the girl. Sporty guys kasi they really have the confidence already in the get go. But, at the end of the day, whoever can have the most connection, I guess, wins."

 On LA: Jacket, shirt, blazer, and button-down polo, all Bench

Produced by Camille Santiago | Creative direction by Barry Viloria | Photographs by Vyn Radovan | Styling by Gelie Manansala | Grooming by Leonie Galang | Shot on location at: Chaos, City of Dreams, Pasay City | Special thanks to: Charisse Chuidian, Romina Gervacio, and Fran Arias of City of Dreams | Melanie Acedillo of MDA | Glaiza Agbayani of R2 Group of Companies




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