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The Six Fix: Things That Will Remind Adulting Millennials Of The Simple Life

The Six Fix: Things That Will Remind Adulting Millennials Of The Simple Life



More often than not, young professionals are consumed by their stagnant and dragging day-to-day lives. The crazy lifestyle and running loops of responsibilities put their minds on heavy mode, they end up not enjoying the present moment as much as they hope they would after hardwork of escaping school. Want to take back your relentless "gusto ko na gumraduate" bid? Zero chance.

Those good ole' times are over. And as we stress out about almost everything, we're just left with nothing but to miss that time ago when breathing was so much simpler. That's when the realization that the odds of being young, wild, and free forever is one in a million hits us hard. Lucky are those who still manage to have a life amidst the adulting crisis. But before you undo the hopeful thoughts, let's make the most out of it reminiscing about the little things that made life "simple" back then.

1. Opening themes of morning news shows

Remember when the sound of television waking our young sleepyheads up with the sun is okay, like we're ready for whatever the day has to bring, alarms unnecessary? It gave us the perks of being on time for our favorite cartoons and animes to start–extra credit for dressing up quick so we can go play outside afterwards! Now, the rough days are in. We struggle to find the energy to get up and finish the unending chores. How we admire those tough enough to attend their gym sessions regularly, right? Yet here we are still surviving, thanks to tall the litres of coffee in our system!

2. Pandesal

This freshly baked bun packed in brown paper bag is part of every Filipino's breakfast rituals (fight us, if not.) On cue of the daylight, we find its inviting aroma filling in the house as our lolas set it on the table along with coffee or hot chocolate and later calls everyone to eat. Just a bite of it is enough to solve our growling tummies. Today, not only we lack the time to sit with the whole fam, we also make it a habit to skip meals because eating is just too hard to fit in our schedule. Plus, we don't want to be late for our appointments (again), you know?

3. Jackstones, Ten-Twenty, Tagu-Taguan, and all our other favorite childhood games

From the bliss old-timer that hand games bring to the healthy competitiveness that outdoor activities taught us, our childhood standards of fun truly don't require that much. Those sources of entertainment meant not only the simplicity but also the sense of safety when playing on the streets even until the night ends. The rise of advanced technology and indeed of crimes most likely hinder us from taking a break just the same.

4. Blue's Clues mail

It's not easy to forget the days when this animated mail from TV was the only mail we want to arrive on our doorsteps. We'll even break in the iconic chant, "We just got a letter, we just got a letter, we wonder who's it from" while Steve and the squad made things look so easy to sort out; he'll just put it in the notebook and solve it in the thinking chair and have his fictional friends cheer him on the side. Unfortunately, reality doesn't work that way especially with bills coming in a row either thru postal or invading our comfort zones like sending digital notice–their way of saying that there's no escape from adulthood.

5. Colored sisiw during town fiestas

A lot of time, we feel like we're missing at life because we want to achieve plenty for our future, yet we have no idea where and how to start. This is the surprising adult atmosphere we didn't see coming just when we thought we had our plans fast laid out for us. We desperately fight to clear paths and figure out what matters the most. Unlike before when we knew exactly what our priority was which could be as simple as playing parent to the fragile dear chick we won in traditional palabunutan at town fiestas. We get it now, anyways–how difficult it is to act our age and actually win at life.

6. Family gathering

"I love Sabado" used to be our motto, but even the "Thank God It's Friday" phrase isn't applicable anymore. Every date in our planner seems occupied we find it impossible to meet with the family on weekends and even on holidays. Our fondness over family reunions was unbeatable back then that no matter what the event is, the folks always come in unity for salo-salo, videoke bonding, picture-taking, catching up, etc. Moving on, we face the dilemma between family obligations and ambitions that are chewing us up. Dreams are significant, yes, but we should also be aware that the less communication we have with the fam, the further our relationships drift apart.

The thing is, we can't go back to the basics. Life won't be complicated if we don't make it one. We know you think it isn't reachable but with proper balance, it can be.

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