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Claudine Barretto Speed Walks The Redemption Road

Claudine Barretto Speed Walks The Redemption Road

It’s no secret to many people, and she doesn’t deny it either: She had hit rock bottom. Having involved in a series of family feud, highly-publicized marital controversies, drug use and even abortion allegations over the years she’d been in the entertainment industry, you would just imagine a person beaten to a pulp.

At a time when people turned their backs on her, doors were closed on her, contracts were not renewed, controversies followed her like a Waze map, and perhaps when almost nothing was going right, anyone else would have probably gone out of their wits as well.

But seeing her now? One can only wonder, despite all of what was thrown her way, how did she do it? And through her darkest days, how did she bring back her light?


Keep the faith

Faith may be defined as a strong belief or certain confidence in something or someone even without prior proof. For Claudine Barretto who considers herself a faithful person, she shares that prayers may have been the only thing that saved her.

“Prayers talaga. That’s the only thing that really kept me through. I think lahat ng trials sa buong buhay ko, kasi prayerful akong tao so alam kong matatapos din ‘yon problema ko kasi faithful ako sa Diyos.”

Have a strong support system

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going they say. But what hasn’t been mentioned is that, behind the tough who got going are even tougher friends who pushed her to pick herself up again. Having a strong support system who stands behind you and calls you out if need be is significantly crucial during trying times.

Claudine acknowledged this and says, “Surround yourself with positive people, ‘yon mga taong pagka-down na down ka, andyan. Dapat tini-treasure mo mabuti ‘yon. Dapat surrounded ka lang by positive people, pag may negative, ilayo mo na ‘yon sarili mo.”

Focus on the good

Among all the bad calls and life’s missteps, Claudine still considers getting married as her favorite mistake as it enabled her to be blessed with her lovely children. “Bawat babae naman, parang siguro at least 80-90% lang ng babae ‘yon gusto magka-anak, magka-pamilya so minsan di nag wo-work out, so yun padin ang greatest mistake,” she reveals.


Like everyone else, Claudine had her fair share of life’s blunders. But nobody can discount the fact that when you’ve given so much of yourself to your family, career or other people, it doesn’t really matter how many times you’ve stumbled. And as for Claudine, not only is she up and back; she’s also speed walking her way to redemption. 




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