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In Focus: 7 K-Pop Idols We NEED To See In A K-Drama Soon

In Focus: 7 K-Pop Idols We NEED To See In A K-Drama Soon


K-pop idols have mastered the art of being superstars on stage–this we already know. But we also can't help but fantisize them shining in a different scene. Don't take this the wrong way, but we believe it's not big of a dream to see a lot more of them far from the mic and taking a slight career pivot. Acting, perhaps? Well we insist, and we're pretty sure most of you do, too!

After getting invested in watching them perform in concert and variety shows, we've already established that level of connection as if we've known them for a long time. We've learned their unique appeals and, now we wonder what it would be like if they get tapped for a drama. The idea sounds so good that we went rounding up whivh idol can rise up to the role and what kind of character they can effortlessly play!

1. Hyunsik of BTOB

Im Hyunsik sure has the talent in singing and natural aegyo. Some consider him as the most "normal" BTOB member as he's always relaxed, patient, and positive. But there's more to the picture than meets the eye. Behind that composed persona goes a man who balances his serious and silly sides quite impressively. He could definitely give roles close to I Am Not A Robot's Kim Min Kyu or The Heirs' Kim Tan a try!  

2. Kenta of JBJ

This Japanese K-pop idol should totally be added to the list of acting singers to watch out for. With his charming personality, he can easily transform himself into an actor that viewers will instantly fall in love with. Kenta's also a self-proclaimed fanboy making him genuinely empathetic to his fans. That humility could make him a crown prince like Lee Yeong of Love in the Moonlight

3. Taeyong of NCT

More than a face that seems straight out of a webtoon series identical to Kang Chul of W: Two Worlds, Taeyong leaves us curious as to how he'll act with a leading lady after previously revealing he's never been in a relationship! He said he prefers to be together with someone stronger than him to complement his soft nature. How about maximizing the rich cool vibe you have while you're at it, and be the next young CEO a la An "Min Min" Hyuk of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

4. Seongwoo of Wanna One

If you're having a dull day, leave it to Seongwoo to turn your mood around! This idol is one pure bae who'll make you laugh at any given situation. He has a trademark humor that makes him unbelievably cute and likeable. As the funny nice guy, he can make the best boyfriend material and likely do justice to Jung Joon Hyung of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo! 

5. Wonwoo of SEVENTEEN

Not every guy we meet are best at expressing himself. And that's the look Wonwoo might've been giving his stans. He may seem like a cold guy, but, deep inside, this oppa is a real sweetheart! It could be frustrating not to know what's going on in one's head, but we have to admit that we're all sucker for mysterious men! Wonwoo can portray a someone who finds his feelings hard to admit but truly cares from afar and just waiting for the right person who can break the ice. We suggest he goes for the raw, tough Gong Tae Kwang of School 2015 or Do Min Joon of My Love from the Star! 

6. Jin of BTS

Worldwide handsome Seokjin deserves a shot in the K-drama world to serve us his leading man charisma! This idol can be a bit old-fashioned and has the right level of maturity that earned him the "mom of the group" nickname. It's a good thing because that means he won't ever take a girl for granted. He seems like the type who will cook for you out of the blue! Perfect to play a charming savior, Jin can sweep us off our feet in a role such as Goblin's Kim Shin like no one else can! 

7. G-Dragon of BIGBANG

A walking artwork and an all-around superstar, it's only fitting for G-Dragon to further branch out and try his hand at acting! In a room full of guys, he's that quiet one who you'll notice the most for his bad boy aura and piercing eyes that say no coyness at all. Impossible to resist, right? We can't help but imagine him playing a converted bad boy who will go all in for the love of his life. Perhaps a keeper like He's Beautiful's Hwang Tae Kyung or Boys Over Flowers' Gu Jun Pyo? Swoon!

We've done our part of giving idols and producers the best of our ideas to get started. The ball's in their court now, and we're keeping our fingers crossed that our wish list will come to reality!

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