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Now Showing: ‘A Quiet Place’ Is A Testament That In Horror, Less Is More

Now Showing: ‘A Quiet Place’ Is A Testament That In Horror, Less Is More

I’ve seen the trailer of A Quiet Place some months back and off the bat, the film’s thrilling premise seemed very promising and fresh, sure to bring so much tension in the cinema. Not surprisingly, it now holds the second highest opening weekend box office for the year next to Black Panther. And after experiencing it with quite a good number of people on a weekday afternoon screening, it certainly delivered on its promise.

What I just said about its premise above, sets it apart from all the other countless thrillers that have been raking it in at the box office. Imagine being in a theater where you feel like you can’t make a sound just like the characters in the film. It just magnifies the stress level a gazillion times over. +5

It went straight to the narrative without showing the film’s milieu’s backstory, giving the audience the intellectual freedom to piece it all together slowly as the story progressed. It is as thought-provoking as it is breathtaking. +4

That opening sequence, though! No matter how many times you’ve seen the trailer, you will never be prepared for what happens to that kid. That was such a well-crafted scene. Prepare to scream, or at least try not to. +3

To get away with a premise like this, you gotta be able to cast the perfect actors who can carry the movie with the least spoken words allowed by the material and it did. The cast had to rely on their eyes and body language to convey their characters’ arcs along with their personal issues, and they all did almost equally well. But the most notable in the film is Emily Blunt as the mother, Evelyn. There’s something about those expressive eyes that speak a thousand lines. +3

John Krasinski as the patriarch provides a solid anchor for the other characters to latch on to. Millicent Simmonds as the deaf daughter and Noah Jupe as the younger and more vulnerable son make for an interesting mix of siblings to complete the family situated in this post-apocalyptic 2020 world, dominated by these creatures who hunt by sound. +3

I was pleasantly surprised to know that Krasinski is also at the helm of this film, his sophomore work after 2016’s The Hollars which was a dramedy. His filmmaking style is simple, focusing only on the essentials of the story which are the family dynamics, using the premise as just a backdrop, transporting you to an alternate reality yet experiencing genuine emotions of love, loss, longing, and fear. CGI is used sparingly and the film did not rely on these effects which made it even more effective. +4

The writing is also quite ingenious, considering that the use of words in the material are rare. Even in situations that they could speak, it refrains from being talky and only a few lines of vital importance are muttered, making these integrally powerful. A lot of seemingly mundane situations planted have powerful payoffs at the end. Take note of the falls... +3

With a total of 25 breaths taken away by the film, I highly recommend it for viewing in the cinema to get the complete experience. A Quiet Place is a refreshing take on the horror film genre, though it is more of a lo-fi sci-fi thriller of sorts since we’re not dealing with the supernatural in this matter. I’d still consider it to be quite a small film which makes use of the audience’s imagination more than special effects to hike up the thrill. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Krasinski taking on a bigger film after this success.

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