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Lifestyle Hotshots: This Drop-Dead-Dreamy Accountant Left Egypt To Pursue Showbiz In Manila!

Lifestyle Hotshots: This Drop-Dead-Dreamy Accountant Left Egypt To Pursue Showbiz In Manila!

Man of the World 2017 title-holder Mustafa Elezali needs no further introduction. Who would need one with that title? And even without knowing about that, his mere smoldering presence that would be every man’s envy and every woman’s dream, enough to definitely catch your attention. But there is so much more to this towering gent than just his physical beauty that earned him a spot on our elusive hotshots list. Back in Egypt, Mustafa worked with numbers as an accountant (plus points for all the sapiosexuals out there!). But now, as the current pageant king, he is dead set on not just flaunting his ridiculously chiseled features but also promoting his advocacies and charities. Now that's one well-rounded, fully charged, complete package of a man for all 'ya ladies out there!

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a geek/nerd are you?
"I read a lot of books, so I’d say 8."

What sparked your interest in the particular field you are in right now which is modeling?
"In 2014, I shifted careers from being an accountant to working in a car company, Porsche, because I love cars. Some Filipinos there encouraged me to try modeling because I had the physical qualifications, so I joined a modeling contest there and won. Shortly after, I heard about Man of the World here in the Philippines so I came and joined the pageant last year and won again."

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Who’s your role model in your industry? 
"In modeling, David Beckham. Because like me, he is also a soccer player. I love playing soccer! Back in Egypt, my team would win soccer tournaments."

How do you use your smarts to your advantage career wise?
"I use them at the right time and place and they came in handy in the pageant. It’s not easy to compete in an international pageant especially in the Q&A."

Name your favorite book!
"Dream Big. I forgot the author. I like reading up on positive things and surrounding myself with positive people. The world I am in now is very stressful and people always expect me to be at my best so i surround myself with positivity to be able to continue promoting my advocacies and to be able to inspire people."

Your favorite movie?
"The Pursuit of Happyness. It’s so inspiriational. Will Smith’s character in the movie never gave up." 

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Your favorite band?
"I don’t have a favorite band but I used to like The Backstreet Boys. Now, I like Bruno Mars 'cause he’s so good in both singing and dancing and he has the ability to make a lot of people listen to him. I also dance hiphop so maybe that’s why. I plan to join some hiphop classes soon, too."

In terms of catching a girl’s eye, do smart guys have the advantage over sporty guys?
"I think it depends on the woman but I think per my experience, women like smart guys more because, smarts will last long. Sports, it won’t last for long. Smart guys will stay smart."

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On Mustafa: Jacket, Mango; shirt, Bench

Produced by Camille Santiago | Creative direction by Barry Viloria | Photographs by Vyn Radovan | Styling by Gelie Manansala | Grooming by Angelito Panganiban of MDA | Hair by Darwin Galit of Vivere Salon | Shot on location at: Chaos, City of Dreams Manila, Pasay City | Special thanks to: Charisse Chuidian, Romina Gervacio, and Fran Arias of City of Dreams | Melanie Acedillo of MDA | Glaiza Agbayani of R2 Group of Companies | Banner image by Lui Jimenez




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