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In Focus: 5 Breakups That Are So Healthy That They're #BreakupGoals

In Focus: 5 Breakups That Are So Healthy That They're #BreakupGoals



No one ever dreams of having to go through a breakup. Aside from the fact that the time and effort you invested in a relationship all goes down the drain, for the most of us, breakups can get messy and painful and even become an embarrassing memory that your friends will use to blackmail or emotionally torment you from time to time. 

However, these celebrities show us that breakups don't always have to leave a bad taste in our mouths. The end of a romantic relationship doesn't have to always be about flying vases, slamming doors, and shady tweets. In fact, it doesn't have to mean the end of your relationship in general and these celebs prove it! 

1. Chris Pratt & Anna Farris


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In 2017, our faith in the concept of love was shaken when these two posted a joint statement about separating. Despite the pressure put on them by all of us who called them #RelationshipGoals, these two were smart enough to know when it was just not working anymore and called it quits. Days after Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's separation announcement, word got out that Chris and Anna are also still doing good even after the breakup and we respect that!

2. Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan


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Jealous of 2017 breaking all our hearts, 2018 stepped up and claimed yet another beloved celebrity couple from this world. We swear the angels cried when Channing and Jenna announced their separation but our hearts are still full because of the love these two have for one another. Imagine having to mutually agree that you both want the best for each other even if it means you have to let each other go. If that ain't goals, we honestly can't tell you what is.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin


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Sometimes, it takes a lot of strength to set your problems aside so you can give your priorities and responsibilities the importance and energy they require to be sorted out. However, it takes a lot of courage to finally admit that some problems cannot be cast aside anymore and has taken too much of your mind. Though the Iron Man actress and Coldplay singer have struggled as a couple, the two have never been better off than they are now as friends. 

4. Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield


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These two were honestly beautiful together, and we're drowning all speculations out that these two only got together to promote their movies together. The two have been on and off for years, but seeing Andrew give Emma a standing ovation at the Golden Globes last year and knowing that these two are simply happy for each other are all we need to get by.

5. Robi Domingo & Gretchen Ho


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There's no need to look very far for healthy breakups. Robi and Gretchen's breakup was just as healthy as their relationship. The two were not afraid of the reality that their relationship could come to an end at any moment and even discussed how they would handle their breakup early on in the relationship. In fact, their breakup had been a beautiful tragedy, and we're just glad they both have nothing but love for each other.

These ex-couples only have kind words for each other even after falling out of love. And even though it hurts to know that they might never get back together, it's consoling that they care about each other enough to still be civil to each other and even be great friends.

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