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In Focus: 6 Ways To Feel Fab About Every Inch Of Your Body This Summer

In Focus: 6 Ways To Feel Fab About Every Inch Of Your Body This Summer



by Joan Ko

When we see ladies who confidently show off their body in its full glory–stretch marks, non-ripped tummies, and all–we can't help but feel proud! After all, there's no real reason to feel embarrassed about what others may label as "imperfections,"  and it's 100% okay to not have a figure or skin like your favorite celebrity or your model-esque friend on Instagram. 

We all have our own uniqueness, and no one (not even ourselves) can tell us that being naturally different from society's "beauty standards" is something to be shamed for. So if you ever feel the need to go the extra mile just to hide your natural self away especially during the bikini season, then here are a few encouraging words to help you feel better about your bodily imperfections no matter what.

1. Feel fierce about your tiger stripes.

You are fierce for having tigress marks and you don't need to worry about fitting in to what society views as beautiful. Don't feel like  you can't show off your "imperfect" tummies and thighs just because of these stretch marks because it's fairly common since our bodies go through a lot of rapid growth, weight changes, certain medical conditions, and hormonal changes. When you're younger, your skin becomes firmer but as you grow, your body adjusts and changes over time, too. Find confidence in wearing these lines as proof of the transformation that you've been through. Not everyone can go around flaunting their stripes imperfection and still come out as a "flawsome" individual, so own it! 


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2. Your shape does not define you.

You body shape and size doesn't measure your worth as a person so instead of stressing about why you don't have Julia Barretto's abs or why you're still being called chubby or skinny even with all the diets and fitness programs you take, just embrace what you have and celebrate it! Having a healthy mindest is what's important. Whatever you start to do in terms of your fitness routine shouldn't be for temporary results; it should be infused in your overall lifestyle for you to achieve a healthy body no matter what size you're in.

3. Glow, girl, glow!

Being brown-skinned isn't something that should turn off people at this day and age. But sometimes, wearing swimsuits when you don't have Emma Stone-pale skin makes girls feel insecure. When we think of beauty, we shouldn't be conditioned to believe that we should all have fair, blush-pink skin–it is not a flaw to be any other color. Being morena is something you should be proud of because you're literally a glowing beauty with that sun-kissed complexion of yours! Cheers to you, summer siren!


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 4. Every inch matters.

If you can be mistaken to be younger than you really are, who needs long legs for days? And if you've been hunching over just to avoid making your date feel awkward about his height, stop it! Being petite doesn't mean you are short of talent, capabilities, and beauty. It's quite the opposite, actually. Even if you're shorter than most, as long as you can achieve something that no one else can, you can still create a big impact! Similarly, being inches taller than most girls your age doesn't mean you need to skip the stilettos. Straighten that back, keep your chin up, and wear what makes you feel "you." No matter what your height is, you can certainly reach whatever you want by staying true to yourself and feeling confident as you go along!

5. Bare skin is in!

Freckles and acne scars are something Lauren Reid never shied away from. And if she can find it in her heart to embrace them, we suggest you do the same thing, too! You don't need to always put layers and layers of makeup to conceal these spots because they make you uniquely you! It's common for acne scars to start appearing due to hormonal reasons, so why should you feel guilty for having them show up in your face? Let the sun kiss your bare skin, and just go with it! 


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(PS. If you feel more comfortable and confident with having a full-face makeup, then, by all means, slay, girl!)

6. Wear whatever you want, and be fab!

Women should never be shamed for wearing clothes that they feel confident in just because it may be viewed as "revealing" by some. Fashion is a form of self-expression, and you should never hold yourself back just because of your fear of being judged or, worse, harrassed. It's time we stop cultivating this culture of shaming women just because of their clothing. Flaunt your style the way you want it to! Don't worry about exposing your chest or belly area or wearing a high-slit skirt. Wear these pieces with utmost grace and confidence, and no one can dare stop you or make you feel any less than the stylish and carefree woman that you are!

Here's to appreciating every inch of your body because you only get one. And as they say, you should always treat it like a temple and give it feel all the love it deserves! 

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