Cheat Sheet: The Kinds Of Haters You Should Totally ‘Unfriend’ On Social Media

Cheat Sheet: The Kinds Of Haters You Should Totally ‘Unfriend’ On Social Media

Haters gonna hate—and when they do, they usually post on social media to vent. Hey! It’s the digital age. Posting your feels online to get instant reactions seems to be the trend. But as much as we respect their freedom of expression, seeing their rants (be it a direct call out or a subtle patama to someone) on our feed is toxic.

Think you got some on your ‘friends’ list? Let’s find out which kind of hater they are—and why you should ‘unfriend’ them immediately.

1. The “Open Letter” Haters. These guys are proud to be #woke and fearless when raising their issues against anything or anyone online. This would a good thing if they could keep that attitude in person. But some of them can’t and that’s unfair. If you can solve an issue personally, do it. Dragging someone’s name on social media to defame their character isn’t right. Neither is getting the support of netizens who don’t know the whole story.

2. The “Parinig” Haters. It’s almost the same as the first one in our list. The difference, though, is that these haters try to be subtle when taking someone down. They share seemingly innocent hugot quotes—but you know better than that. They just don’t have the courage to say them directly to their foes. Dealing with people who can’t be honest with their feelings is a big no-no. 

3. The “You Don’t Belong Here” Haters. They’re the ones who constantly post #FriendshipGoals updates online with your common friends—excluding you. Their goal is to make you feel uncomfortable and unwanted. But don’t worry. Real friends won’t leave you out. This is your chance to see the fake ones who will.

4. The “Keyboard Warrior” Haters. These are the worst! They won’t hold back in leaving rude comments on your posts and they’ll never stop pissing you off to drag you down to their level. So either you fight back or simply ‘unfriend’ them and ignore their mean messages to be the bigger person.

Just take cues from how most celebrities handle their bashers. Julia Barretto, for example, is one of the country’s fastest rising stars. Yet her sold-out movies, high-rating TV shows, and millions of followers on social media aren’t enough to shield her from receiving hurtful comments. Still, she chooses to ignore the hate and surround herself with people who can #CaptureTheReal her despite everything—her reel (and rumored real-life) partner Joshua Garcia being one of her trusted allies! Watch how their newest video featuring OPPO F7 explains their strong and loving relationship. 

Haters gonna hate—but you shouldn’t be like them. Let them go before they drain the positive energy out of you. At the end of the day, everyone deserves a safe and healthy social media environment. 

Leave your toxic ‘friends’ on social media behind. And hold on to those who can #CaptureTheRealYou—like the new OPPO F7. Its 25-megapixel selfie camera and Advanced A.I. Beauty Technology won’t let you down. Just check out its complete product specification here.

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