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Healthy Food You’d Love To Instagram and Devour

Healthy Food You’d Love To Instagram and Devour

You’ve always been interested to learn how to prepare healthy gourmet meals but find the recipes either too complicated or the output too bland for your taste that you end up just signing up for that low calorie meal delivery service—sounds familiar? You can avoid that scenario from happening again with these tips from the featured chefs at FOOD Magazine’s Food Tastings Deliciously Healthy Event in Eastwood Mall:

Oats and pita bread are the secret ingredients to legit diet burgers—they taste like the real thing, promise.

Chef Anthony Macaraeg of Fit Burger enlightened everyone on the magic of oats: Use it to beef up your burger patty while lessening its carb and calorie content. Blend oats to your usual lean beef patty mix, and replace your usual bun with whole wheat pita bread.

Pad Thai can actually be a salad.

Here is Chef Robby Goco of Green Pastures’ easy recipe: Pad Thai Salad Ingredients: 100g Romaine Lettuce, shredded; 45g Carrot, shredded; 30g Red bell pepper, shredded; 30g red cabbage, shredded; 45g Cucumber, seeded and shredded; 15g Spring onion, chopped; 60ml Spicy cashew dressing (recipe below); 5g Basil, torn; 5g Tom yao; 10g Spicy sunflower seeds; 3 pcs Shrimp; 1 Egg. Directions: 1. Prepare the shrimp. Peel, remove the head and devein. Poach until cooked and shock in an ice bath. Once cooled, cut in half lengthwise and set aside. 2. Prepare the egg. Beat the egg and put in a squeeze bottle. Heat a saute pan and lightly oil. With the squeeze bottle, draw a net pattern on the saute pan. When cooked, carefully take out the egg net from the pan and set aside. 3. Toss the romaine lettuce, carrot, red bell pepper, red cabbage, cucumber, and spring onions in the spicy cashew dressing. Plate on a salad bowl. 4. Garnish the salad with the torn cilantro and basil, spicy sunflower seeds, shrimp, egg net, and tom yao.


But, salads aren’t about leafy greens all the time.

While leafy greens are the primary ingredients of most salads, there are other equally healthy (if not healthier) alternatives to the usual vegetable-laden dish. Chef Deejay Santos of Tefal’s Mediterranean Chicken and Couscous combines tender chunks of chicken, tomatos, black olives, and zucchini with couscous and a rich lemon-vinegar dressing for a healthy dish loaded with nutrients.


Poached salmon is a great healthy breakfast alternative.

Make the first day of your meal as luxe as it is healthy by swapping your diet sandwiches with this dish idea from Chef Matthew Bates of Early Bird Breakfast Club: Poached Salmon Aioli. Place it on top of whole wheat toast and finish off with poached egg—a simply elegant way to kick off a healthy day.


A healthy pasta dish isn’t as complicated to create as you think.

Chef Nancy Dizon-Edralin of ICE Culinary shared a flavorful noodle dish that packs in the nutrients and will definitely be the talk of the town after you serve it in your next party. The Seafood Sotanghon with Black Ink is easy to recreate at home, as it’s what you see is what you get and you can even improvise when it comes to the other ingredients and mix-ins—just make sure the seafood are fresh for best results.


Deliciously Healthy is the third leg of Food Magazine’s Food Tastings event this year, and is part of the magazine’s 20th anniversary celebration.


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