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In Focus: 5 Simple Ways on How You Can Be a Responsible Traveler

In Focus: 5 Simple Ways on How You Can Be a Responsible Traveler



Traveling is always an exciting thing to do which we all look forward to. No matter who we’re with or where we’re going, almost all of us positively daydream about our next trip or what destination to see and experience next.

And other than the fun side of wandering around, sometimes we need to ask ourselves this question: “Are we responsible tourists?” Practicing responsibility can mean a lot of things which can also take some effort on our part, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a hard time for us. Here are a few simple ways on how to be a responsible tourist whenever and wherever:

1. Bring your own trash bag. A small piece of bag that’s definitely easy-to-pack, something to hold all our trash during the trip, can play a big role for the destination we’re headed to. This can help us discipline ourselves to not throw our garbage out wherever we feel like to.

2. Practice less to zero use of plastic. Some of us have now become more aware of what the harmful effects of using plastic are. And because of this, more alternatives to plastic have been invented which we can try and use during our travels. Bringing our own tumblers, metal straws, and eco-bags can definitely be a good start in practicing zero plastic use.

3. Follow the rules and regulations. No matter how much adventure we’re craving for, or even if we’re all for #YOLO, we must never ever break the rules, especially if it involves the peace and order of the place or our safety as tourists. It doesn’t just benefit the tourists, but it also helps the destination to keep a positive image. Being law-abiding citizens can still be fun, so don't fret!

4. Respect the locals. Another important thing we should all remember is to always respect the locals of the destination we’re going to. Besides the fact that they are human beings who need to be respected, we should also keep in mind that we’re just visitors in the area, a place that they all call home. Interacting with them and getting to know their culture can also make your trip even more meaningful!

5. Never forget the golden rule in traveling. Travelling responsibly means showing how much we care for mother nature as well as the other resources of the place. As the famous saying goes, “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, and kill nothing but time.” – a thought we should not only ponder upon, but words we should also live by.

With these things in mind, making the most out of our trips while being a responsible tourist at the same time is possible. So, where to next?

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