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I Love My Job: Slaying Both In Pole And At Parties, This Insurance Agent Is Her Industry's 'It' Girl

I Love My Job: Slaying Both In Pole And At Parties, This Insurance Agent Is Her Industry's 'It' Girl

The decision to become a financial consultant might seem obvious for someone like Lian Reyes. The 28-year-old holds an Economics degree from UP Diliman. Because of that, she’s well versed in business know-how and economic jargon—both of which have been incredibly useful in her line of work. Her mind and sense of fashion contribute to her presence and credibility, and her being outgoing adds to her amiableness.

Yet when asked how she started, the story plays out much like a chance encounter. Two years ago, Lian had dinner with a girl who shared with her the advantages of financial consultancy (and wound up recruiting Lian soon after). “My first impression was (that) she was successful, travelled, and financially stable,” she recalls. “I asked what she did for a living and she told me she was an agent. From there I asked if I could sit down with her so that I’d know how to go about the process of being an agent (too).”

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The perks followed once she joined. Besides experiencing the aforementioned benefits that enticed Lian in the first place, Lian is in full control of her working hours and enjoys the idea of helping others secure their wealth.

That’s not to say the job is a breeze. Lian says the toughest part about it is creating a sense of urgency in potential clients. “I notice most of them put off getting an insurance plan for reasons like want(ing) to spend money on a car or things are not necessarily important,” she reflects.

Moreover, rejections are inevitable. If there’s anything she’s learned from being a consultant, it’s how to prevent them from discouraging her. This is especially important, she says, for anyone interested in the career. “'Not now' doesn’t necessarily mean 'no,'” Lian explains. “It might mean the client is not yet financially stable or ready to pursue a plan. Continue selling. Always remember your mission.”

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Living by that mantra certainly worked in her favor. Last year, Lian was named one of the top seven rookies in her company. “That was a big deal for me,” she gushes, “because it made me feel (like) all the hard work I put in was for something. It’s something I didn’t think I could achieve.”

Outside of work, Lian is an accomplished pole dancer. She took her first class three years ago and credits her instructor for helping awaken her passion for the sport. “I didn’t think it would hurt because I have a dance background,” she reflects. “The teacher was so strong, so graceful, and she made everything look easy. From that point on I decided to go to class almost everyday.”

Pole isn’t just a hobby; it’s practically ingrained in her lifestyle. Says Lian, “Pole dancing is an empowering sport. It allows me to be physically strong. It’s something that I enjoy. It trains me to be disciplined because the sport requires you to attend classes, you have to stretch all the time, and you have to practice; that's the only way you can get good at it,” elaborates Lian, also a former triathlete.

It’s safe to say that Lian has mastered the art of balancing the things she loves. Moreover, she intends to keep at it until she reaches her goals. “I want to own my own pole dance studio in the future. With regards to my career as an agent, I want to be able to eventually manage my own unit. An insurance agent can eventually recruit and after recruiting (they) can manage agents and eventually become a branch manager.”

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Produced by Mels Timan and Barry Viloria | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Cinematography by Lui Jimenez | Makeup by NARS Cosmetics: March Santos and Jason Delos Reyes | Hairstyling by Triple Luck Hair & Nail Salon

Shot on location at Paperwork Coworking QC, Mezzanine AL Building #1 Campanilla cor. E. Rodriguez, Quezon City, Philippines

Special Thanks to Ivan Cabral, Janine Jayme, and Ogie Rodriguez




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