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Fitness Inspo: This Is How 'Simple' It Is To Get Active As Told By The Va-Va-Vigorous Bianca King!

Fitness Inspo: This Is How 'Simple' It Is To Get Active As Told By The Va-Va-Vigorous Bianca King!

She’s an advocate, a blogger, a host, an actress, a businesswoman, an aspiring fitness nutrition coach, and a yogi, just to name a few. With all these, you can say that Bianca King has gotten that #lifepeg status. And she proved to be just that every time she would post on social media, encouraging her followers to #BeATrueForceOfNature, leading a simpler and happier lifestyle.

While some would agree that with busy schedules (or whatever excuse there is to get out of the gym!), adding physical activities to our day-to-day can prove challenging. However, if you really want to reach a goal, there needs to be effort and change—no matter how small. This, Bianca proved as we checked in on her at the recent Burt’s Bees’ #BeATrueForceOfNature event. Check out these simple but impactful tips that you yourself might choose to explore as you kick-start a healthier lifestyle!

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Get enough sleep. You were always told that your body needs at least eight hours of sleep to function well—and it’s true. But some still take sleep for granted. “#WhyWeSleep is a must read for everyone. I never understood what I was doing to my brain and body by being chronically sleep-deprived. Until now. Expose yourself to new knowledge then prune and polish yourself along the way,” Bianca wrote on an Instagram post.

Get moving. Make a small effort each day; enjoy the outdoors and get yourself occupied with activities. When traveling, Bianca suggested that you “bring comfy shoes and walk more.” In one of her Instagram posts, she also posted a throwback photo of herself in her younger years atop a tree with the caption, “back when climbing trees and rollerblading were my form of entertainment and exercise. Check out the sugat on my knee. #LifesABeach”

Get some morning sun. Contrary to what you may know, sun exposure isn’t always bad (just not too much!). “Sitting in the morning or late afternoon sun makes me so happy. We need the vitamin D to help our bodies absorb calcium from the food we eat. Imagine that, getting a healthy tan makes your bones, muscles, and teeth strong.” Ten to 15 minutes of sun exposure is enough to get the benefits out of it, but don’t forget to put sunblock!

Try something new. Engage yourself in an activity that you enjoy and that would suit your lifestyle. Bianca added, “Tomorrow is a new day to start new habits. When I’ve let my practice go for longer than two weeks, I feel strange. Like something is missing. When I pick it up again and get a daily practice going, I feel amazing. Life becomes more pleasant and beautiful and calm. Even when that top leg is straight, I will never stop practicing. Yoga doesn’t have [an] expiration date for me. Even when I’m pregnant, old or dying. My children will do it. Burger does a downward facing dog and upward facing dog without knowing. If you’ve ever been thinking of trying yoga, I hope tomorrow is the day you give it a shot. It might change your life like it has mine.”

Love yourself. It’s as simple as that. “Reevaluate what makes you happy, and your relationship with food and how you feel about your body. And hopefully there, you will find a motivation to make a lifestyle change. And be kind to yourself, love yourself more. It’s all about healthy eating and exercise at the end of the day is about self-love. So, make a lifestyle change to exercise more and eat better food means you love yourself,” declared Bianca.

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