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Cheat Sheet: Achieve That Summer Smolder With Celeb Makeup Artist Denise Go-Ochoa's Tips!

Cheat Sheet: Achieve That Summer Smolder With Celeb Makeup Artist Denise Go-Ochoa's Tips!

Welcome to the hottest days of summer where sunshine, heat, and endless adventure all come together! However, with summertime in our calendar come challenges from looking our prettiest, too. Humidity and hulas? No thank you. Not to worry, though, because we got tips straight from the pro—namely celebrity makeup artist Denise Go-Ochoa. The veteran stylist graced the Burt’s Bees Philippines #BeATrueForceOfNature event recently as on of the speakers. What are the best beauty tips for summer? Don’t forget to bring these tricks on your next trip!

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1. Use a mattifying moisturizer. It’s the answer to your prayers. Says Denise, “During the summer, it gets really warm and humid. Don’t use too much foundation or moisturizers that are too oily or too heavy. Use a mattifying moisturizer if you normally use a mattifyer, para in the middle of the day, when you don’t have time to touch up, you don’t have to worry about your face looking greasy.”

2. Don’t wear heavy makeup. We know, it’s hard for some of you to leave the house without makeup, but sometimes, you also have to let your face “breathe” from all the products you put on your face. “If you put on a lot of makeup on your skin, there’s a tendency that it would melt in the middle of the day. So, to refrain from having a major makeup meltdown, apply just the right amount of makeup that you need… For me kasi, the best time to wear the least makeup is during the summer. You normally get that natural flush because of the heat. You don’t look too pale,” Denise says.

3. Keep an oil blotter in your bag. This should be a given, but just in case you need a reminder, Denise adds, “Always have [a pack of] oil blotter in hand, and if you plan to retouch, use a really light and natural-looking pressed powder.”

4. Explore bronzers. How could we forget this summer must-have? “For those who won’t get to go to the beach, I would suggest exploring bronzers—bronzers that are swept across the face or bronzers that can be used to contour your face naturally. Try bronzers that are not shimmery because too much shimmer, sometimes, tend to make you look pawis and oily.”

5. Add subtle tint. And for that final touch, “I would suggest wearing just a little tint, probably a berry shade of lipstick. Let it stain on your lips and then blot it after so that it stains and stays longer on your skin. For me that’s my favorite summer look, yung berry lips with bronzed out skin,” says Denise.

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