Reminiscing Memories through Childhood Homes

Reminiscing Memories through Childhood Homes
Banner photo (Left to right): Anne Curtis' childhood home in Mandaluyong, Vice Ganda's childhood home in Sta. Cruz, and Anne's house in Sucat, Paranaque. Photos from Anne's Instagram and Star Studio Magazine.

There’s a good reason why #ThrowbackThursday is a trending hashtag in social media: We all love to reminisce the good (or maybe the bad and unusual) things in our lives, whether it may be a relationship, a particular item, or even a house you used to live in.

In fact, there’s quite a few who actually preserve their childhood homes. Instead, these people would put time and effort in renovating or repurposing their old homes, even if they may have hectic schedules or they are living in a different place.

A good example of a person who poured in time and effort in renovating a childhood home would be Anne Curtis. Being the successful multimedia personality she is right now, Anne would occasionally reminisce on living at a house, where she did live in two of them, one being her childhood home in Mandaluyong, and the other in Sucat, Paranaque.

In fact, a few days back, Anne, who has been living in condominiums in recent years, shared that she is on the process of renovating her childhood home. Though she stated that there are some bad memories with it, she indeed misses staying at her childhood home.

Then there is Vice Ganda, who like Anne, is equally successful with his career right now yet he still remembers his roots. On the August 2015 issue of Star Studio Magazine, Vice talked about his childhood house in Sta. Cruz, Manila, which is a humble two-story house made entirely of wood.

Though Vice’s childhood home has now been repurposed into a local Jesus Is Lord (JIL) church chapter, his personal belongings, which include his mother’s wooden cabinet and a circular mirror, are still preserved, and that majority of the house has remained intact. In addition to the house itself, Vice recalled his memories, both good and bad, while residing at that house back when he was young. 

Both cases show that even if people like Anne and Vice made it big with their career today, they would still pay respect to their roots and remember their humble beginnings. In addition, the case for both Anne and Vice’s childhood homes best show that there are ways to renovate or repurpose them without distorting its original design and structure. 

After all, it is not impossible to preserve old structures by renovating or repurposing them, and still have the same memories with it.





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