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In Focus: How To Feel Your Best Self In Your Swimwear

In Focus: How To Feel Your Best Self In Your Swimwear



by Joan Ko

Society has a way of letting girls feel like we need to constantly pass a certain standard before we can get the approval we deserve. What we have to do to get our Facebook 'Likes' to more than a single digit or a double-tap on our IG grids take much of our energy just so we can feel acknowledged and appreciated. It is too much pressure to handle, especially when summer starts and we are supposed to reveal our bodies and feel confident in swimsuits–all the preparation alone gets too overwhelming!

But really, who has the energy and time to go through all the trouble? When, really, being confident in swimsuits doesn't require that much. Investing all your energy to be summer-ready just takes away the fact that you can be a beach babe without worrying too much of the small stuff. With these tips, be prepared to wear that full piece or bikini in no time! Now all you need to sweat about is the sun!

1. Embrace your body.
Remember, the only thing you need to rock the bikini-ready suit is your body and the actual swimsuit! Following a healthy regimen and working out is good, but you can't force feed your body to shrink into a size too small for it to even feel good in. No juice cleanse or six-pack ab challenge is needed for you to love your body–curves, scars, and stretch marks included! Miss Universe Catriona Gray knows what we're talking about and she's more than happy to flaunt her tiger stripes!


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You don't have to follow any trend. If your friend prefers all the tiny 'kinis in the world, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to abide by her body lookbook. We each have a body type that we have been blessed with. If you're conscious of your tummy, opt for high-waisted bikinis. Take it from Maris Racal who knows exactly how to work a two-piece suit to make their legs and arms look longer. And if you're not getting extra motivated to do ab-crunching exercises by this beach babe, we don't know what will! It's all about finding the right swimwear to highlight your assets and working it like nobody's business! 


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3. Nourish your skin.
Some enjoy getting their tans on, but if you're not too sold on the bronzed look, you can always exfoliate to make your skin looking healthy and glowing! Dry patches from being under the sun too much can be taken care of; just don't forget to moisturize and invest on a sunscreen mild enough not to dry it out but strong enough to protect your skin just like "it" girls Elisse Joson. It might not be her top priority when hitting the beach, but she swears by it and we're sure if you doo, your future "wrinkle and dry skin-free" selves will thank you for it! 


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4. Watch your posture.
This is a secret to appearing toned and it's not only applicable to the long-limbed VS Angels we know and adore! Don't hunch over and we guarantee you it will make all the difference. Anne Curtis stands tall while she's in a swimwear and it really gives the extra boost to make her look and feel more confident. If you do this,  you can worry less about how often others are throwing glances at you. Now you can focus your mind to getting some much-needed vitamin sea and strike a pose for your OOTD shot!


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 5. Avoid the bloat.
Instead of enjoying the banana boat, you might be wrapping your mind too much on that bloat! Like we said, nobody needs to be perfect just to wear a swimsuit but watching what you eat while you're at the beach can help a lot! Julia Barretto scales back on the extra carbs even days before her trips and avoids eating too much of the bloat-inducing food (even onions and veggies like broccoli and beans) and indulges in nutrient-dense food such as leafy greens, fresh fruits and lean protein sources instead. Saying buh-bye to the bloat will make you feel good and light to strut along the shorelines or even run in slow-mo like a true blue beach babe!


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6. If all else fails... cover up! 
Fashion is one way of having fun and putting that extra oomph in your look. If you're really just at the beach for the water and winds and you don't like to worry about people looking at your thighs and legs, invest in a nice sarong wrap. But if you feel like showing off your legs, choose a kaftan that hits around your mid thigh. Whatever you choose, just remember to pick something you can feel comfortable in just like Dani Barretto!  


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The next time you hit the beach and you feel tempted to compare yourself to a gazelle like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, be thankful about your own body instead! You have a lot of beautiful things going on in your life to worry about such little things. Self love is magnetic; as long as you keep at it, you will have that natural glow and make beach memories you will remember for years to come! You are the only person who can change the way you feel about your own skin so focus on thinking about the good things! That's sure to make you feel good about your next beach trip! 

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